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Xiaomi shows off the durability of the Redmi Note 3 and its display

Redmi Note 3, one of the most tasteful upper-midrange cell phone at the cost of a financial plan arrangement, touched base in India in March. The gadget has been forcefully evaluated and is a genuine worth for cash. The Redmi Note 3 is accessible at just Rs 9,999 (2GB RAM and 16GB stockpiling) and Rs 11,999 (3GB RAM and 32GB stockpiling) individually. Despite the fact that you might discover different cell phones in the same value range with comparable elements, the Redmi Note has more to offer and is viewed as a genuine worth for cash.

The Redmi Note 3 offers recognizing components, for example, a 4050mAh huge battery, Sunlight Display, A Qualcomm 650 chipset, 16MP essential camera and a unique finger impression sensor, not overlooking a unibody metal body development. In any case, numerous grumbled about the Redmi Note 3 having highlights that were somewhat baffling. For instance, the gadget dons a non-removable battery, a half and half double SIM or capacity course of action, a missing quick charge alternative and a non-Gorilla Glass insurance.

All things considered, with respect to the unibody, we wager there are not very many individuals who might settle on a battery substitution or switch. In any case, it is typically time for a telephone substitution, sooner than battery substitution. Also the permit for quick charge choice would hit the estimating and shoppers would at last bear the expenses on the gadget.

Next on the half and half double SIM alternative, we realize that clients require a double SIM choice alongside capacity extension. Be that as it may, this is a call from Xiaomi and their creators who have bargained on the alternative for having both potential outcomes. The issue could be either the include expense of the gadget or conceivably a test for outline and size.

Finally, for the showcase—here once more, Xiaomi more likely than not made due with non-Gorilla Glass basically in light of the fact that the cost of the Redmi Note 3 would significantly rise. All things considered, Xiaomi has substituted the presentation glass security with another option, however did not bargain on the quality and quality. The presentation on the Redmi Note 3 is certainly solid and scratch-safe. To demonstrate to its fans, Xiaomi’s VP, Hugo Barra, and Product Head, Jai Mani, have made a video that shows how solid and tough the glass insurance on the Redmi Note 3′s showcase is.

For one thing, they took a stab at scratching the gadget with a couple of ordinary articles—a metal play dart and a couple of scissors. The test passed great. Next they had a go at scratching it with items that would be testing most cell phones once a day—keys and coins. They additionally had a go at running the Ninebot, with Hugo riding it, over the cell phone to demonstrate the quality of the glass. Finally, Hugo and Jai bounced in a Honda Jazz and ran both the front and back tires over the Redmi Note 3, with more than 1,000 kilos of weight, to demonstrate the showcase’s and telephone’s rough form, before dropping the telephone from a tallness of around 4 ft.

The Redmi Note 3 survived every one of the tests done by Xiaomi as such. Do note that these tests are not completed in lab conditions.

Watch the video beneath and look at how the Redmi Note 3 survives the torment.

There would scarcely be a couple hands loaded with individuals who might be unfortunate to have their gadgets experience the same torment, in actuality. Despite the fact that the cell phone in your pocket won’t experience the same, it is constantly great to realize that the gadget is solid, strong and tough.

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