Water-logging may trigger ailments, contagious contamination

Chennai: Monsoon can be fun and getting doused in downpours is supreme joy, yet there is additionally a vile side to the season. It can prompt a plenty of wellbeing issues. With extreme water logging over the city, diabetologist and master in inner pharmaceutical Dr R. Sundararaman requests that individuals not disregard determined fever or any contagious diseases.

Water pollution can prompt numerous illnesses, for example, amebiasis, looseness of the bowels, cholera, dengue and contagious contaminations. Additionally, leptospirosis, an irresistible bacterial illness that causes manifestations, for example, fever, migraine, and chills, is another ailment one ought to watch out for, said Dr Sundararaman, senior specialist, SIMS healing facility.

Hygienically arranged nourishment, drinking bubbled water, immunization for swine influenza, taking single shot to defend one from pneumonia are a portion of the measures for assurance. Those living in zones marooned by water ought to get immunized for cholera and typhoid as a safety measure, he said.

H1N1 shots could be given for youngsters, older folks and pregnant ladies, he said. He likewise embraces the conventional utilization of neem oil and turmeric, which have antifungal and against bacterial properties.

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