Watch: Salman Khan’s exceptional video message for contrastingly abled kids

Mumbai: Salman Khan sent an extraordinary video message for the contrastingly abled kids who came to go to the first International Film Festival for the Persons with Disabilities (IFFPwD) being held at Siri Fort, New Delhi.

Salman, who was conciliatory about not having the capacity to go to the celebration sent an extremely endearing video message. In the short clasp, which was played in the Opening Ceremony on December 1, Salman said, “This Film celebration is an incredible activity and an honorable thought. Silver screen, films and Entertainment is a major some portion of the Indian society and I think everyone ought to be a piece of this society and why ought to the diversely abled individuals be let well enough alone for this? Numerous who can see yet not hear and some who can hear but rather not see, they all ought to go and appreciate and ought to be given the essential offices.”

The celebration where ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was screened saw the vicinity of Kabir Khan and Harshaali Malhotra. At the point when gotten some information about what was going ahead in his psyche about handicap while making the film, Kabir Khan said, “When we were making Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the vital thing that we needed to show was that everybody overlooks that Munni (Harshaali) is impaired, we needed to get that poise and soul of ordinary individual in her and treat her like typical, standard individual. This was the whole perspective of the film.”

Watch the video here.

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