Watch: Ludovico Einaudi gives haunting performance amidst calving glaciers in the Arctic Ocean

New Delhi: Global warming and environmental change have been one of the highest worries of the world everywhere, since the previous couple of years.

With cold icesheets dissolving at a quick pace, moderates and tree huggers have been sounding alarms once in a while and encouraging the worldwide group to protect the freezing Arctic area, where the most extreme frigid calvings happen.

Global ecological association Greenpeace, in a joint effort with acclaimed Italian arranger and piano player, Ludovico Einaudi, held a unique execution on a drifting stage amidst the solidifying waters of the Arctic Ocean as a visual indication of what lies in question.

The disintegrating icy masses out of sight make for a frightful scene, while Einaudi plays a unique piece called ‘Funeral poem for the Arctic’ on a child fabulous, which he composed solely for the event at the Wahlenbergbreen ice sheet in Svalbard, Norway.

According to Huffington Post, a Greenpeace news discharge cited Einaudi saying that, “Being here has been an awesome affair. I could see the virtue and delicacy of this region with my own particular eyes and decipher a melody I composed to be played upon the best stage on the planet. It is vital that we comprehend the significance of the Arctic, stop the procedure of pulverization and secure it.”

It appears like the ideal tribute, through which, “Einaudi has added his voice to those of eight million individuals from over the world requesting insurance for the Arctic.”

Look at the video beneath:

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