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Watch: A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge dies a gory death when put under a 400 ton hydraulic press

Today’s cell phones are entirely intense. Between Gorilla Glass and every metal bodie, they can really get hammered under standard circumstances.

Yet, what happens when the circumstances aren’t precisely customary? At the point when there’s a great compelling squashing power included, for instance?

That is precisely the sort of situation the people at an organization called Slickwraps Inc considered subjecting a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to. Don’t bother this is a telephone costing over a large portion of a lac of rupees being subjected to extreme demolition, what’s grimly entrancing here is the way in which everything goes down.

The scene begins off with the gadget being set perfectly on the base plate of the water driven press, after which the administrator makes an insincere effort of turning up the begin succession of the pressure driven framework. Much like the deliberate movement that happens before an execution at a hot seat.

At that point, gradually, the jaws of the press close in on the hapless telephone, just to uncover the most startling, phenomenal and needlessly shocking electronic downfall you might have ever seen.

Watch everything go down here:

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