Turkish football fans boo, serenade ‘God is Great’ amid one-moment hush for Paris assault casualties

In an alarming occurrence, fans at a football game in the Turkish city of Istanbul booed when a minute’s hush was being watched for casualties of the Paris assaults, reports Reuters. Some likewise droned Allah-u-Akbar (God is Great).

The reported episode occurred amid a Turkey-Greece men’s soccer amicable went to by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Greek partner Alexis Tsipras.

Here’s a video. The booing and droning are capable of being heard.
It was the first run through the two groups had met for a long time and the Turkish Football Federation had reported a string of extra efforts to establish safety before the match at the Istanbul Basaksehir stadium.

Turkey went ahead to draw the match 0-0.

Islamic State (IS) activists struck Paris on Saturday, killing no less than 132 and harming some more. On Wednesday, a cop was killed in Paris amid an assault on an asserted terrorist alcove in northern Paris. A female suicide plane likewise died.

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