Top 5 apps of the week: AlarmMon, Erudite Dictionary & Thesaurus, Stocard and more

1. AlarmMon

With AlarmMon, you can begin your day with a tiny bit of fun. When you set a caution, the application just turns off after you finish a minigame. Finishing the mission inside 20 seconds will acquire you focuses which you can use to purchase more minigames.

2. Scholarly Dictionary and Thesaurus

Turned into a definitive syntax Nazi with this Erudite Dictionary and Thesaurus. Aside from demonstrating the meaning of a word, the application additionally indicates you language structure, cases, and equivalent words. It likewise serves as an interpretation application with support for more than 20 dialects including Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

3. Stocard – Loyalty Cards Wallet

Stocard permits you convey all your devotion or prizes cards in one place. As indicated by the application portrayal, the application underpins all real faithfulness cards that are disseminated from carriers to bistros. There are additionally coupons and rebates elite to the application.

4. Medisafe Meds and Pill Reminder

This application gives you a tender update when it’s a great opportunity to take your pills. Straightforward round out the data for every solution and the application will tell you once it’s an ideal opportunity to take your meds. For every medicine, you fill in points of interest like the term, how frequently a day you have to take it, the time that you need to take it, a refill update and so forth. You can likewise send status reports to your specialist, log blood glucose level, set arrangement updates for your family and the sky is the limit from there.

5. Egg, Inc

Set soon, this test system assignments you with creating the greatest number of eggs as you can and manufacture a definitive chicken homestead. Keeping in mind the end goal to do that, you should fabricate hen houses, enlist drivers, commission research and then some.

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