Tofu: Side effects you need to know!

New Delhi: We all realize that tofu is a viable wellspring of protien for those individuals who don’t eat meat. Tofu is a result of soy and advances numerous medical advantages. Yet, large portions of us don’t know that this sound sustenance likewise give many symptoms when devoured in overabundance.

Here are some symptoms of tofu:

Bosom malignancy

A study distributed in the Journal of Nutrition said that over the top utilization of soy items like tofu builds the hazard for tumor. Soy contains isoflavones in it which is hazardous for bosom growth.

Kidney stones

Over the top utilizations of tofu causes kidney stones as it contains rich measure of oxalates that are in charge of the event of the malady. After oxalate gets assimilated from sustenance, it gets discharged into pee and can’t be metabolized.

Thyroid issue

Soy items like tofu contains isoflavones which unfavorably influence thyroid capacity and can meddle with thyroid ingestion. A study distributed in the diary Thyroid said that utilization of soy items could expand their danger of creating hypothyroidism.


In the event that you have respiratory issues like asthma, then lessen your tofu consumption. Over the top utilization of soy items like tofu prompts to expanded levels of bodily fluid in the body which can bring about issues like frosty, hack, and asthma.

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