Timex Blink Review

As the condition surrounding us gradually falls apart, individuals have begun taking a gander at tech to enable them to lead a solid way of life. From purchasing air purifiers to get some alleviation from the contaminated air to wearing wellness trackers to hold their wellbeing under wraps, individuals are searching for help wherever they can discover. Thus, organizations taking into account such needs have additionally gone up altogether. Timex, an old name with regards to wristwatches, is presently hoping to cut a place for itself in the wellness wearable space. With great wellness groups effectively accessible in the market, does the fresh out of the plastic new Timex Blink stand a shot? We put it under serious scrutiny.

Timex Blink outline

Timex has run with a basic outline comprising of two components: a bended stainless steel center, and a client replaceable lash. The organization gives 2 lashes in the crate – you have a metal tie that is appended to the gadget and a silicon band included close by. The splendid hued silicone tie regards take a gander at and is appropriate to be worn amid exercises while the metal work band runs well with formals. Giving two groups is an or more in our books, as it gives you the alternative to swap it to suit your outfit. Both the groups have a fast discharge stick that can be utilized to swap groups with no issues. Once secured legitimately both the ties hang on well and we haven’t had any issues with the center tumbling off. Nonetheless, we noticed that the pins aren’t secured in the metal lash and drop out effortlessly.

The center has a rectangular show on the front and a capacitive touch catch underneath. We loved the touch-delicate show on the Ambrane Flexi Fit which made it advantageous to utilize the band, however you need to manage without one here. There is no heart-rate sensor at the back of the Timex Blink, so it might be equipped for following advances and registering calories consumed. At the back, you do get a Micro-USB port secured under a thick elastic fold for water protection.

Timex Blink execution

Like most different wearables, the show on the Timex Blink consequently recognizes when you raise your wrist and lights up the show to demonstrate the time – or should, in any case. Practically speaking, we found the lift to wake capacity to be exceedingly sporadic and needed to tap the catch to wake the gadget up. Aside from time, the primary screen on the Timex Blink gives you data about the date and the battery status. You can tap the capacitive touch catch to see more data like the quantity of steps taken, remove voyaged, and calories consumed. The band sleeps following too, however the information is just accessible by means of the partner cell phone application, accessible for the two iOS and Android.

Matching the band with the application is genuinely simple – the application sends the band a blending demand which should be acknowledged by squeezing the catch on the band. The procedure did not go as easily as we anticipated that and we required would restart the telephone to make them go. Once combined, you can enter every one of your points of interest, for example, stature, weight and walk length to enable the band to better figure calories consumed and so forth. You additionally get the choice to empower notices on the band which advises you when you get cautions on the telephone. You can even set cautions by means of the application – the band will buzz 5 times at the set time before consequently setting a rest for 5 minutes after the fact on the off chance that you don’t recognize it. Generally speaking, the application looks great and the primary screen shows a considerable measure of data at one go, be that as it may, exploring through every one of the choices isn’t too simple.

Following on the Timex Blink isn’t exceptionally precise – on most events we watched that the progression check was lower than we tallied. Notwithstanding when testing the gadget nearby a Mi Band 2, the progression tally was a little lower. The absence of a heart-rate scanner implies that you don’t get the choice to track that while working out. There is auto rest following and the band goes into following mode naturally. Rest is isolated into light rest and profound rest to give you a thought of your nature of rest. You even get advised of calls alongside the guest name looking over the screen, an element not all spending trackers offer.

Battery life on the Blink is marginally on the lower side and the 90mAh battery on the band will last you just seven days before requiring charge. Gratefully the Micro-USB port is helpful for energizing the gadget. One thing that the band gives over different wearables is the SOS highlight. While setting up, the application approaches you to choose contacts for the SOS highlight. Setting it up isn’t simple as it expects you to physically sort in the number and the email of the beneficiary. When set, long squeezing the catch on the band sends a SOS to the spared contact alongside last known area.


The Timex Blink is an extremely fundamental wearable upheld by a known brand. It has fundamental advance and rest following and a convenient SOS work that may come helpful in crisis circumstances. With two groups in the case, you additionally get the alternative to pick what runs well with your outfit. In any case, following is by all accounts off by a little and it passes up a major opportunity for a heart-rate scanner that decreases its convenience a smidgen. At the value that Timex is requesting, you are in an ideal situation taking a gander at the Mi Band 2 or an Ambrane Flexi Fit.

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