This photo of the new Bentley Mulsanne is 53.1 billion pixels large

At the point when British extravagance auto organization Bentley divulged their new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase extravagance auto, they unmistakably chose to go huge while all the while concentrating on the subtle elements. To advance the auto the organization made a photograph of the auto speeding crosswise over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and did as such utilizing a strategy that empowers catching monstrous subtle element – 53.1 billion pixels of point of interest. That is more than 3,300 times the measure of an average 16MP cell phone camera photograph.

The photographic strategy was really spearheaded by NASA and is utilized on the Mars meanderer to make substantial scenes containing several sewed pictures. This Bentley photograph utilized around 700 individual pictures that went into making an enormous composite picture, where the client can really zoom in from a perspective situated around 700 meters away, down to the auto, the distance down to the weaved Bentley “winged” logo on the traveler seat, which is unexpectedly contained 4,500 individual fastens.

The experience is on the Bentley site (thankfully, as we’d not ready to host such a huge JPEG document!) Check it around here.

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