This could have been Salman Khan’s first on-screen kiss!

Mumbai: Salman Khan, who is a pleased individual from club ‘No kissing on-screen’, once had consented to bolt lips on the silver screen. Yes, if not for the on-screen character, Salman would have had his first on-screen kissing scene a very long time back.

Evidently, Salman was going to play a part with chief Sooraj Barjatya’s sweet kissing scene in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ and if not for Bhagyashree’s no-kissing-condition, the film could have highlighted Salman’s first on-screen lip lock.

“Bhagyashree unconsciously has contributed a considerable measure to our thing. While taping for Maine Pyar Kiya, there came a kiss scene. I pondered internally, in what capacity will I do a kiss scene? I went to Sooraj and let him know I am somewhat uncomfortable, to which he said, ‘You are uncomfortable? I can at any rate persuade you however Bhagyashree is declining to do it’. In any case, he did succeed in persuading me,” Salman uncovered at a late occasion.

Yes, the chief succeeded in carrying Dabangg Salman ready regarding the scene, on the other hand, he couldn’t persuade Bhagyashree and at last, they needed to get the glass divider.

“I got persuaded when Sooraj said that it’s a Rajshree film and it’s an affection story and this was only one kiss. There was no kissing, no swip-swapping, only a little kiss. While I consented to do it, Bhagyashree still stood solidly on her choice and said no. After a ton of anxiety strolling and hair-scratching, Sooraj settled on not doing it by and large and that is the point at which the glass divider entered the scene,” the on-screen character grinned.

Indeed, we need to sort of concur that the glass added an additional appeal to the scene

Watch the discussion beneath:

Watch the scene in talks beneath:

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