These Are The Reasons Why All Of Us Go For Junk Food When Stressed

Don’t we all crave that juicy double decker burger or those fried kathi rolls with oil dripping or the fries topped with lots of cheese whenever stressed? We always reach for that menu in our drawers or find the spiciest, cheesiest food online or just rush to the nearest fast food joint. Ever wondered why? Well not sure about the science involved, but we can definitely point out some relatable reasons why ordering junk food could be our go to move when we are tensed, anxious or simply sad!

1. A Good Distraction
More than relishing these cheesy, oily delights, what gets us distracted is the process of ordering. We concentrate on choosing the ones that will satiate our cravings the most. This gets our minds off the looming stress for a bit while we are ordering, waiting and enjoying our go to foods.

2. They Don’t Hurt Or Betray
Well, these foods aside from tasting heavenly at the moment, also don’t hurt, betray, fire or dump you! They’re easily available and are served quickly and as per your choice. There are no ulterior facets and are like the friends who are always by your side.

3. Fastest Way To Feel Good
Well, it feels amazing because it tastes beyond amazing. Food instantly lifts your mood up and relishing delicious food always makes you feel good. No long process involved. No meditation! No long comforting chats! Just order, eat and feel good.

4. No Uncertainty Involved
This is a choice you can make without any sort of oblivion. Uncertainty is the last thing you wish to face when stressed. No one wants to go crazy thinking about the multiple outcomes of a situation. In fact, most people fear this the most. So you know that ordering some good food will CERTAINLY be the right choice.

5. Need For Carbs
Okay, let’s get a little serious here. Mental stress also leads to physical stress and a feeling of sudden drop in energy levels. This makes our body crave carbs. Junk food shoots the glycogen level high subsequently giving you the fastest energy hit.


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