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These 5 delicious Chinese dishes will give you foodgasm

Mumbai: They’re sweet, they’re fiery, they’re tart! Chinese cuisine is everything that you could think of.

No matter how you dice or slice it, this cuisine can make you fall in love with it.

We believe that love and food are two things that are inextricably tied up with each other.

When you plan to savour Chinese food, try it without any prior notion or do not try it at all.

Here’s a list of ‘must have food’ that should be on your checklist the next time you plan to explore any authentic Chinese restaurant.

  • Clear soup with shimeji mushroom and pakchoi

(Photo: Hakkasan, India)

Start off with a hearty clear soup to cleanse your palate for a riot of flavours to come. Not only it’s light but filled with fresh flavours. The soup is bursting with flavours of mushrooms and other ingredients like carrots, tofu, baby bokshoy, edamame, mild fresh herbs and more.

  • Stir-fry chicken in home-style fragrant chilli sauce

(Photo: Hakkasan, India)

If chicken is your ultimate love, then without any second thought pick this dish on your next visit. Stir fried in mild chilli sauce, this chicken appetiser is to die for. The chicken is cooked till perfect, the highlight of this dish is the juicy and tenderness of the meat, topped up with lightly tossed red pepper, tofu and spring onion.

“With China being at the heart of it all, we have introduced a limited edition exclusive menu for all our guests. The menu features new dishes, cocktail and dessert,” says Chef Stanley – Head Chef of India, Hakkasan.

  • Lychee with taro ring in spicy curry sauce

(Photo: Hakkasan, India)

We bet you have never tried something like this before and hence it’s time to try to explore your taste buds. Though you might be hesitant due to the combination, but we assure you that this small bite is packed with sweet and sour flavours. For the inexperienced, taro is a root vegetable and also has many health benefits. The taro ring is made by deep frying the paste of yam, whereas fried lychee is topped up with spicy curry sauce and some fresh pomegranate grains, which makes the dish very crispy.

  • Pork belly with kimchi and royal sauce

(Photo: Hakkasan, India)

This crisp crunchy crackling and soft tender pork meat is hard to resist! Cooked with tenderness, this is a treat to your palate. As tempting as it looks, as mouth-watering is its taste.

“The exquisite menu showcases limited edition dishes specially curated for this occasion. The menu depicts a celebration of the festivities, and one can enjoy the Golden Halo dessert and 9 Hóu cocktail inspired by the Monkey,” says Raajith Bambasal – General Manager, Hakkasan India.

  • Golden Halo

(Photo: Hakkasan, India)

A meal is never complete without a dessert, that too made up of gold sheet and this is the star of our food list.  Everything that glitters, in this case, is indeed gold; served on banana peanut cake base, this dessert is the best example of heaven on earth. Banana cremox chocolate ball is full of flavours and the banana ice-cream is made up of five spice.

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