The truth behind the GPS-embedded notes

All the rage is basically about PM Narendra Modi’s sudden declaration about demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes overnight.

Obviously, this news surprised everybody, particularly the individuals who are vigorously stacked with dark cash. In any case, what was much all the more stunning was the unending story via web-based networking media about how the new Rs 2,000 notes will have a ‘nano GPS chip’, also called NGC, which will be utilized to track the particular area of these notes from anyplace.

As per bits of gossip, these NGC chips would incorporate ‘flag reflectors’ that would help satellites to track the area of the notes, regardless of the possibility that they are 120 meters subterranean level. The hypothesis was that satellites would track overwhelming collection of such NGC-empowered notes, and could follow them to empower powers to make vital strides.

For some time, residents disliked the sound of having our administration increase finish access to how we spend our notes.

In any case, when the RBI discharged insights with respect to the new notes, the air was cleared as there is no official say in regards to any sort of chip implanted in the coin notes. It is sheltered to state that this news was an entire lie.

This bodes well as it doesn’t appear to be attainable to insert such a chip into each and every note, a great deal less can track them crosswise over such various conditions.

On the off chance that such scams do surface later on, it is judicious to re-affirm its legitimacy from authority sources before sending it.

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