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The Taste of Mewar

Mumbai: India is the land of diversity, a country with vivid shades of cultures and traditions. What’s really interesting is how according to the tradition, the flavours of the delicacies that steam and simmer can increase your food cravings.

Today we try to bring forth the most celebration and appreciated facet of our country- food. So accompany us on this gastronomic tour, as we explore what cooks in the famous land of maharajas- Rajasthan.

From the royal history of the kings, majestic forts to fabled realm of various dynasties, such is this dessert land.

Mostly the dessert is often considered as the ruined part, but not at this mythical land. Nowhere else you will find castles and bastion as magnificent as one here, rising from the sand these historic places looks like the fairy-tale mirage from the gone epoch. Like any other place, food is an integral part of this place and plays a vital role in elucidating the topography since the bygone era.

Marwaris form the majority in the state and you can savour some mouth-watering dishes. The Rajasthani cuisine uses a lot of spices and ghee.

If you happen to visit Rajasthan anytime soon, then surely don’t miss out on Mawa Kachori, Bharwan Bati, Dal Panchmeli, Ker Sangri ki Subzi, Malpua with Rabdi to name a few. For meat lovers laal maas, banjari ghost is a must try.

Most of the food preparations in Rajasthan have a peculiar creamy texture. Over the years, the authenticity of the taste still remains the same with super spicy curries that are very palatable.

Tempted to feast on these divine delights? However you don’t really have to travel all the way to Rajasthan to enjoy this experience, many restaurants nowadays are embracing the traditional culture and organising various cultural food festivals. Such concepts are indeed becoming popular among the consumers. Such festivals bring consumers back to their roots, where they can savour luscious courses in their own city.

“People love these concepts. We often curate special menu for such food festivals. Like for Mewar food festival, we have added special mix vegetable, which is made up of local vegetable that is commonly used in Rajasthan. We have added those in the menu which defines the culture of the place and is popular there,” says Maharaj Jankidas Vaishnav, the speciality chef of Tuskers restaurant, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.

Here’s what you must surely try when you decide to relish on this cuisine.

  • Hing Dal ki Kachori

(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)

Kachoris are the most popular and must have a snack of Rajasthan. These flour dumplings are stuffed with yellow lentils served with curd, Topped with sweet and spicy chutney, along with chopped onion, fresh coriander and sev.

  • Sangri ke Kofte

(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa / DC)(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa )

The creamy curry of this dish, is indeed a treat to your palate. Sangri ke Kofte are not very common in the city but are worth a try. The cottage cheese balls are coated in flour and stuffed with pickled kher sangari. The dish is served in tomato and yoghurt gravy.

  • Arvi Kadi

(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)

This delicacy of Rajasthan is the best example of simplicity and yet a scrumptious dish. The dish has a spicy yoghurt based gravy, which is best served with hot steamy rice.

  • Tarkari Bhaji Pala

(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa / DC)(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa )

The Tarkari Bhaji Pala is made up with seasonal leafy greens, which is excellently combined with garlic and green chillies. Talking about the taste, the dish is outstanding in terms of the flavour. The smoothness of the gravy is best enjoyed with hot rotis.

  • Mewad Mix vegetable

(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)(Photo: Tusker, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai)

Cooked to perfection, this mix vegetable dish is cooked on slow flame with garam masala. Though there is a sweet factor in the vegetable, it works best for our palates.

  • Malpua with Rabdi

(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa / DC)(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa )

A meal is never complete without a dessert, and if you are a dessert lover then you will totally go for this sweet course. Malpua is an Indian pancake dipped in sugar syrup, topped with reduced milk.

  • Churma Ladoo

(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa / DC)(Photo: Priyadarshini Patwa )

This is a flavourful feast and makes up for everything that’s lacking in the meal. Churma is a power mixture of fired whole wheat flour, ghee, saffron, sugar, cashew nuts, raisins and poppy seeds. This mixture is made up in round form and the moistness of ghee making it tempting. Churma Ladoo tastes awesome and delightful.

“Churma Ladoos have become popular among our foreign and NIR guests as well, they often ask us to pack a box of these rich ladoos before they leave,” says Manager Elvis of Tusker restaurants, Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.

source: Deccan Chronicle

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