The 6 Best Apps to Use While House-Hunting in India

We as a whole need to search for a house occasionally, and when Gadgets 360 colleagues go house-chasing, it’s typically an innovation driven hunt. Hunting down a house utilizing on the web stages is a great deal superior to anything depending on specialists, who are hoping to augment their payments, and seldom tune in to comprehend what you’re searching for from your home.

The issue is that with such a variety of sites and applications to take a gander at, how would you even begin? In our own particular look for another home, things started with Google – hunting down lofts created a considerable measure of leads, from various stages including condo message-sheets. The message-sheets really an exceptionally helpful asset – many individuals get a kick out of the chance to list on these inner sheets to keep the loft among “known” individuals, and they get less candidates thus, expanding your odds.

With some exploration on the postings, and taking a gander at what applications were famous, we went to a waitlist of six distinct stages. Following two days of looking, and around 30 house visits, our chase proceeds, however here are some valuable perceptions on each of the applications we attempted that may help you arrive your fantasy home.

1. NoBroker

As the name guarantees, you will see houses recorded by their proprietors, so you aren’t stuck paying a gigantic business charge, and the organization says that it checks every one of the proprietors. There is an agenda for the proprietors to take after, to guarantee that every one of the postings contain enough data to be helpful. As far as postings and points of interest, NoBroker makes an awesome showing with regards to. It’s not also known in any case, which is the reason it here and there felt like it had less postings than the others.

The application itself is gorgeous, and separated from rentals, additionally incorporates obtaining houses, lodgings, and flatmates. You can rapidly set up the essential channels, and the outcomes are anything but difficult to peruse. There’s additionally a guide view that gives you a chance to see where everything really is.

One territory where it could be better is its suggestions – NoBroker sends proposals of pads and notwithstanding our pursuit being in Bengaluru, it thought it would be a smart thought to fly up a level in Thane. It likewise sent proposals in territories that were around 10km far from the areas we had been seeking in, which is a long way from perfect.

Visit NoBroker on the Web | Download NoBroker for Android

2. CommonFloor

Inside Bengaluru in any event, in our experience CommonFloor had the greatest arrangement of postings. That is an enormous in addition to and the most vital piece of searching for a house. It defaults to show you proprietor and specialist postings, so you have one additional progression to see postings without operators. The different channels are anything but difficult to set up, and a straightforward flip on top gives you a chance to switch amongst purchasing and leasing.

In case you’re searching for a PG or for flatmates, CommonFloor won’t help, yet for a family searching for a home to move into, it’s strong. The guide view is smooth and keeps on looking as you parchment. CommonFloor likewise has countless voyages through properties, which can help chop down the quantity of site visits. A large portion of the organizations are presently beginning to do this, however it creates the impression that CommonFloor has a decent accumulation as of now, in any event in Bengaluru.

There are a few issues however. For one, it continues attempting to empower your Wi-Fi which feels nosy. Furthermore, when you need to contact a mortgage holder, you now and then need to re-enter your telephone number even subsequent to marking in. A considerable lot of the mortgage holders likewise committed errors on their CommonFloor postings – for instance, the date of ownership, or the measure of store were regularly off-base.

Likewise worth calling attention to is that CommonFloor as a stage is to a great degree spammy – you will get a considerable measure of notices via mail and SMS, which can be helpful, however in the event that you’re on the application, it would be better if that could all simply be contained inside it.

Visit CommonFloor on the Web | Download CommonFloor for Android | CommonFloor for iOS

3. just as of late reintroduced its rentals highlight, which had been closed down in 2015, with a guaranteed 60,000 checked postings. The quantity of postings is unquestionably lower than the opposition. What we preferred was the way easily the guide see worked and the way that each posting had countless – a portion of the postings on alternate locales had just minor thumbnail pictures, which figures out how to keep away from, at any rate among the postings we saw.

Then again, the site itself is somewhat hard to explore. The application does not bolster rentals yet – we were running the most recent form of the Android application at the season of composing, and it just had homes to purchase – yet in the event that you’re searching for a house, looking at isn’t an awful thought. You’ll have the capacity to get a decent take a gander at the houses before you choose to visit, and every one of the subtle elements you have to know are likewise accessible. Setting up the channels and really seeking is likewise exceptionally basic – the main issue accompanies the outcomes themselves looking jumbled, and winding up looking a touch of confounding.

Visit on the Web | Download for Android | for iOS

4. 99acres

The most established organization on our rundown, 99acres has an incredible number of postings and you’re truly one tap far from looking in your general zone, which is exceptionally helpful in case you’re as of now out house chasing and haul out the application. It likewise has a channel called posting quality, which gives you a chance to restrain the outcomes to houses with photographs, or recordings, or just properties that 99acres has physically confirmed.

That is extraordinary and can spare you a great deal of time. While the site feels exceptionally obsolete now, the application is speedy, quick, and attractive. As far as postings, we found a considerable measure to browse, however we wish 99acres would include a sort by separation alternative, alongside the cost and date choices.

You don’t have fine grained control over the value slider in the application, so you can scan for 25,000, or 30,000, or 40,000, for instance. This can be dubious if your spending falls in the middle of an arrangement of limits. Delineate on the application additionally works, yet it isn’t as point by point as the others we attempted, and doesn’t stack the postings as fast. In case you’re utilizing 99acres, adhere to the rundown mode, it has all the data you require at any rate.

Visit 99acres on the Web | Download 99acres on Android | 99acres on iTunes


In spite of the fact that this was really our most loved application to utilize, it highlights bring down on the rundown than the others on the grounds that (for our pursuit in any event) it gave back the least number of leads. So, things could be distinctive in your general vicinity and with your channels, so we’d prescribe you give it a shot.

Makaan accompanies a visit interface – you can likewise tap catches in the talk rise to utilize it like a GUI, and it has an incredible looking interface once you have done an inquiry. You can include more channels, and everything is straightforward.

Delineate does not look while you scroll so it’s just valuable to rapidly observe where the houses are – however once that is done, you can sign in, make a waitlist, and plan property visits all inside the application. You will even now get SMS warnings also, however it isn’t as terrible as CommonFloor. Notwithstanding, the most serious issue is the quantity of postings we discovered (barring representative postings) were 33% of what we’d see on CommonFloor or 99acres.

Visit Makaan on the Web | Download Makaan for Android | Makaan for iOS

6. Nestoria

Nestoria isn’t care for alternate applications on this rundown, in that it doesn’t total postings specifically. Rather, it’s an aggregator for aggregators, so a pursuit on Nestoria can turn up results from, Makaan, NoBroker, Commonfloor, and 99acres (among others).

The application and site are both exceptionally fundamental and on the off chance that you see something you like and tap on it in the application, or tap on it on the webpage, you’ll be diverted to the site of the stage that really has the posting. It’s a somewhat cumbersome two-stage prepare, yet you can apply a ton of channels comfortable begin, to spare time looking crosswise over changed locales.

With Nestoria, we’d really prescribe the site over the versatile application – it demonstrates somewhat more data on Nestoria itself so you won’t end up clicking out as regularly. All things considered, on the application the pages are stacked on an inward program so you’re not hopping amongst applications, and the experience is sensible. The genuine in addition to point is rapidly getting a begin on your inquiry, and Nestoria delivers on that front.

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