Sennheiser HE 1 Headphones With Tube Amplifier Launched at Rs. 45 Lakhs

Sennheiser is a standout amongst the most well known sound brands and the organization snatched many features the world over when it concocted new form of its Orpheus scope of premium earphones two years back (for the most part due to the $55,000 sticker price). On Thursday, the organization propelled the successor to Orpheus, new Sennheiser HE 1, earphones in India. On the off chance that you need to put your hand to your heart at the cost, right now is an ideal opportunity to do as such, as the organization has estimated the earphones at Rs. 45 lakhs for the nation and will be made accessible from May 27.

On the off chance that you are asking why these earphones fetched as much as a house does, it could conceivably be on account of the organization says that simply the improvement of these earphones took around 10 years. According to organization’s claims, the new HE 1 premium earphones offer “a recurrence reaction that reaches out past the scope of human hearing and the most minimal aggregate symphonious bending that has ever been measured in a sound proliferation framework.”

With a specific end goal to accomplish enhanced sound, the new Sennheiser HE 1 earphones utilize a tube enhancer. The intensifier accompanies eight vacuum tubes that are utilized to handle the approaching sign. The organization asserts that the utilization of tube enhancers is a direct result of their prevalent drive preparing. Notwithstanding, as the tubes are touchy to air-borne-commotion, the organization says that it made enhancer lodging from granular, inhomogeneous Carrara marble and says that it is unreservedly suspended with the intensifier.

“The decoupling of the tubes in blend with the damping properties of the marble has the impact of decreasing structure-borne clamor to a flat out least. The tubes themselves likewise have a fantastic patent-pending walled in area comprising of quartz-glass knobs that consummately shield them from their environment,” the organization said in its discharge. The tube intensifier is combined with a ultra-high motivation speaker arrange incorporated into the earcups.

“The earphones utilize a totally new speaker idea that consolidates the predominant drive handling of a tube intensifier with the low bending of a transistor enhancer to flawlessness,” said CEO Daniel Sennheiser. The organization is additionally touting gold-vaporized fired terminals and platinum-vaporized stomachs for better acoustic yield. Another highlight is a recurrence reaction from 8Hz to 100KHz.

Remarking on the dispatch, Kapil Gulati, Director Consumer Segment said “We are exceptionally excited to have propelled the world’s finest earphones, now in India. India has risen as one of the greatest and quickest developing markets in the audiophile business and with the dispatch of these earphones we have figured out how to set another benchmark once more. We at Sennheiser dependably flourish for magnificence and are reshaping the fate of top of the line sound world in quest for flawless sound.”

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