RHA MA650 Wireless Review

RHA is a little-known sound brand in India at this moment, yet one you should know about. With an essential concentrate on in-ear earphones, this minor Scottish organization is gradually growing its statistic from audiophiles to a more extensive group of onlookers with its new remote items. The MA arrangement as of now comprises of two models, the MA650 and MA750, both of which were formally been propelled in India two or three months back.

We have the MA650 in for survey today. It’s evaluated at Rs. 7,999, and the principle distinction amongst this and the MA750 is its drivers, which are on the whole uniquely designed by RHA. How about we check whether this attractive combine of earphones can convey solace and quality.

RHA MA650 outline and highlights

The MA650 is a superior match of remote earphones, and it indicates appropriate from the bundling. In the crate, you get a USB Type-C charging link, a work convey pocket, and a determination of eight single-flanged and twofold flanged sets of ear tips and a solitary match of Comply froth tips. The nature of the silicone ear tips is great, and their somewhat unbending surface offers a decent seal from surrounding commotion.

The MA650 is a jewelry style remote headset, which implies it rests around your neck when you wear it. The whole band is secured with silicone, which feels good against your skin notwithstanding for long lengths. It’s light as well, at only 33g, and the body can be bowed and shaped effortlessly for when you have to store it in the pocket. It’s sweat-and sprinkle safe on account of the IPX4 accreditation, so it can be utilized for exercises.

The necklace ends into barrel shaped lumps on each side. The left side has the NFC chip, while on the right, we have a USB Type-C charging port, control catch, status LED, and an inherent vibration engine for alarms. We cherish RHA’s tender loving care here, similar to the aluminum embeds on the edges of the accessory that supplement the earbuds and in-line remote pleasantly. The remote games an amplifier and three catches for play/delay and modifying the volume. Twofold or triple-squeezing the play/stop catch gives you a chance to skirt a track or go to the past one. A long-press actuates whichever virtual partner you have on your telephone. The earbuds themselves are made of 6000 arrangement aluminum, which makes them exceptionally durable, and they look great as well. The backs of the earbuds are attractive and append to each other so they don’t dangle about when you’re not wearing them.

The earphones utilize RHA’s custom model 380.1 drivers, with a recurrence reaction of 16Hz-22,000Hz. The RHA MA650 bolsters codecs like AAC, aptX, and the standard SBC. As per a recurrence reaction diagram distributed by RHA, the MA650 is tuned for better upper-mid-run execution and bass, while the highs are conditioned down a bit. This is another way it contrasts from its more costly kin, the MA750, which is tuned to convey rise to execution over the whole recurrence run.

RHA MA650 execution and battery life

We utilized the MA650 for fourteen days as our essential match of earphones and totally adored how convenient it is. We miss the comfort of retractable earbuds like the ones on LG’s Tone Active+ however the attractive outline effectively kept them from acting as a burden. It would have been decent if the music delayed consequently when the earbuds appended to each other, as with the Jabra Rox.

We found that the silicone ear tips worked extremely well in muffling surrounding clamor, to such an extent that we didn’t want to utilize the packaged froth tips. The earbuds have a cozy fit and don’t stand out from your ears excessively, making them very unnoticeable. Nonetheless, there is a touch of sound spillage, which is recognizable in calm spots. In case you’re anticipating wearing them while at work in an office, you should need to change to the froth tips. We didn’t care for the senseless mark with all the administrative and trademark data that is connected to left earbud’s string, as it watches strange. This could have been printed some place on the accessory.

The MA650 is compelling tough as even following a long time of unpleasant utilization, despite everything it felt in the same class as new. The strings for the earbuds are secured solidly and didn’t feel like they would get free, and the elastic fixing figured out how to adapt to our moist atmosphere too.

Setting up the RHA MA650 is additionally simple as you have voice prompts to direct you. The in-line remote functions admirably, yet the catches aren’t raised in particular and we regularly wound up attempting to recognize them by touch, on account of the outline of the elastic coating. The mouthpiece makes a decent showing with regards to with voice calls, and none of the general population we talked with experienced any difficulty hearing us.

Sound multiplication is adjusted and fresh, with great mid-extend execution. On account of the route in which the MA650 is tuned, we never found the highs excessively penetrating. This functions admirably for pop tracks, for example, Maroon 5′s What Lovers Do, which was all around adjusted with simply the correct aiding of bass and a lot of detail in the mid-run frequencies. Indeed, even at high volume levels, Adam Levine’s Falsetto never felt piercing. Another track in which the mid-go truly shone, with great instrument partition, was Born to Touch Your Feelings by The Scorpions. Vocals were unmistakable and the general sonic mark was warm and satisfying.

The MA650 isn’t for bass-heads however. In spite of the fact that the bass is tight, it needs genuine pound, which is apparent in tracks like I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd. This isn’t a protestation since that is only the way the earphones are tuned, and by and by, we’d take more mid-run detail over bass upgrade quickly. This is very subjective and won’t not suit everybody’s taste. We tried the earphones principally with Apple Music on an iPhone 6s Plus (Review), yet additionally attempted it with a blend of FLAC documents played on a Google Pixel 2 (Review), utilizing aptX. With the last mentioned, we felt the soundstage to be somewhat more extensive.

The MA650 is appraised to convey 12 hours of battery life, and amid our audit, we really figured out how to outperform this. With a blend of calls and music, we could accomplish 13 hours and 43 minutes of runtime. You can check the battery level whenever by squeezing the power catch (notwithstanding amid music playback). To spare power, the MA650 consequently stop itself following 20 minutes of idleness. At the point when the battery level dips under 20 percent, you’ll hear cautioning voice prompts like clockwork. The white LED likewise changes to red. Charging the earphones completely from zero percent took us just shy of two hours, through the USB port of a MacBook Air.


It’s elusive any blame with the RHA MA650. It strikes a decent harmony between premium highlights, execution, and cost. Our exclusive feedback would need to be that the catches on the in-line remote aren’t the least demanding to use by touch. Other than that, this may very well be the main necklace headset you ought to considerably consider in this value extend. The MA650 somewhat costly yet thinking of it as’ retailing for marginally less in India than in the UK, it’s not a terrible arrangement. You can think that its online through Headphonezone, and at select Croma and Apple affiliates disconnected.

We suggest the RHA MA650 for anybody searching for an element rich match of remote earphones that conveys a decent adjust of sound execution and battery life at not as much as Rs. 10,000.

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