RBI warns against accepting Rs 500, 1000 notes without close scrutiny

Stressed over dissemination of fake coin notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 division, the RBI requested that people in general make it a propensity to look at the notes before tolerating them in the standard course of exchanges.

“It has gone to our notice that deceitful components are putting into dissemination Fake Indian Currency Notes of higher divisions over the span of typical exchanges, exploiting the guileless and clueless nature of a few individuals from the general population,” the RBI said.

The national bank has advised the general population to subject notes that are acknowledged to “watchful examination”.

Bona fide Indian Currency Notes of higher sections have solid fake safe security highlights, it said, including the fake notes can be recognized on nearer examination.

Point by point data on the security highlights on the banknotes are accessible on RBI site.

“Individuals from open are asked for to make it a propensity for taking a gander at the notes before tolerating them in the typical course of every day exchanges and capture the forging of Indian banknotes,” the RBI said.

Hold Bank is likewise considering extra character prerequisites for the utilization of Indian banknotes in vast numbers.

Falsifying of notes, or ownership, trade, acknowledgment, putting into course of fake notes or in any capacity abetting such activities are offenses under the Indian Penal Code and such activities are subject stringent discipline.

Hold Bank has spoke to people in general for participation furthermore commanding voices in containing the hazard of course of fake notes.

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