Ramzan Apps a hit among tech-savvy Muslim youth

Lucknow: Ramzan Apps have come as a surprisingly beneficial development for the technically knowledgeable new era of Muslims who can now stay overhauled with their religious exercises. Muslim youth have taken a jumping at the chance to different versatile applications accessible on Google play which inform them of the need of Ramzan, routine should have been taken after for the ‘rozedaars’, legitimate way of offering namaz and ring tones of Azaan, among others.

The App engineers are putting forth an extensive variety of Ramzan-related portable applications – from giving religious writings and bearings to Mecca to day by day updates and iftar formulas.

Notwithstanding offering precise petition times, a date-book and a compass to discover the heading of Mecca, Muslim Pro elements the full Quran with Arabic scripts, interpretations and sound recitations.

Executive of driving examination focus of Islamic studies Darul Mussinfin Shibli Academy, Prof. Ishtiyaq Ahmed Zilli said there is nothing incorrectly if new system helps in comprehension things better. He, in any case, said ‘There is substantial activity on the parkway of Internet and it is hard to comprehend what is correct and what isn’t right thus alert is vital.’

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