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Panasonic will broadcast total eclipse using only solar energy

Panasonic will show overall through live stream the aggregate obscuration on March 9 utilizing simply sun based vitality from its Power Supply Container, a standalone photovoltaic force bundle. At the end of the day, utilizing the sun to film the sun.

As Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi, Indonesia dive into haziness amid an uncommon aggregate obscuration on March 9 (neighborhood time), Panasonic will convey the live show of the four-minute wonder from the eastern Indonesian island, Ternate through its convenient Power Supply Container. The compartment was produced by Panasonic to make and store vitality keeping in mind the end goal to supply vitality to territories without power. The compact compartment makes vitality amid the day with 12 HIT sun powered boards with high change productivity (3kW). The vitality is then put away in 24 lead-corrosive batteries (17.2 kWh). The force holders are right now being utilized as a part of schools on remote Indonesian islands to power IT hardware, aeration and cooling systems and LED lighting.

To catch the overshadowing, 3 kW of vitality produced by the sun oriented modules and put away in the batteries will be handed-off to a Panasonic LUMIX GH4 camera connected to a telescope. Sun based vitality will likewise be utilized to control other hardware conveyed for the occasion including compact PCs, altering material and Internet association innovation.

Despite the fact that this is not the first run through Panasonic has telecast a sun based obscuration live, the past two events utilized sun powered modules that required ground setup with the hardware brand taking note of this time round the technique will be streamlined by the conveyability of the Power Supply Container, its first use in such an attempt.

The live show of the obscuration will start on March 8 at 8 pm UTC, 5 am March 9 nearby time in Ternate. The halfway obscuration is set to start March 8 at 23:36 UTC, with the aggregate shroud set to start at 00:50 March 9 UTC.

It can be seen on stages including Ustream, YouTube Live and Periscope. Panasonic has set up an extraordinary site page with a commencement to the overshadowing and additional data alongside a trailer on the up and coming live occasion:

Watch the teaser trailer:

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