Noise Play Review

In the realm of activity cameras, GoPro without a doubt makes a portion of the most ideal apparatuses for the activity, yet they don’t come shoddy. Its most recent lineup can cost you anyplace between Rs. 28,000 and Rs. 38,000 in India. Online stores do offer GoPro intend for less, however it’s as yet a major speculation. Detecting an open door, Chinese brands have additionally overflowed the market with GoPro thump offs, and SJCAM is one of the more well known names.

Presently, a Gurgaon-based organization called Noise expects to take advantage of the reasonable activity camera showcase, with an item called the Noise Play. This is its initially wander into the activity camera section, as its present portfolio comprises of smartwatches and cell phone cases.

The Noise Play is an exceptionally intriguing item as it offers 4K video recording at a cost of just Rs. 6,990. This makes it a perfect possibility for somebody hoping to get their feet wet in the activity camera space without spending a ton. How about we perceive how it passages.

Clamor Play outline and manufacture quality

The Play appears to be like other Chinese GoPro contenders, and it is fabricated in China too. It has an indistinguishable essential outline and design from GoPro’s Hero4 arrangement of cameras. The body of the Noise Play is constructed totally out of plastic, and the quality and complete are genuinely normal, which is the thing that you would expect at this value point. The front has a delicate elastic surface while the sides have a finished plastic grasp. There’s a 2-inch LCD show at the back which can be utilized to outline shots and demonstrates to you which shooting mode is presently dynamic. It’s pleasant to have a show at this cost, as most prominent options appear to need one.

The nature of the screen on the Noise Play is conventional however it washes out when utilized outside under daylight. Review points are very powerless, and so as to see everything on the screen unmistakably, you should take a gander at it at a slight edge instead of straight on. The defensive board over the show is very shaky as well, so even slight weight makes it twist. Since it’s not a touchscreen, you have catches to explore the menu and change settings.

There’s a blue and red LED at the back for control and charging status, and another LED only alongside the screen discharge catch on the best, for Wi-Fi. We have route catches along the edge for when you’re in the menu. The Up bolt is likewise an alternate way to toggle Wi-Fi when you’re interfacing the camera to a cell phone. The catch on the front gives you a chance to control the camera on and is utilized for exchanging modes. The left side has a space for a microSD card (up to 32GB), a Micro-USB port, and a Micro-HDMI port, however tragically, there’s no defensive covering over them.

The 1050mAh battery sits at the base and is removable. Be that as it may, the fold for the compartment isn’t appended to the camera so it is conceivable to lose it in case you’re not watchful. You get a lot of extras with the camera to kick you off, including a waterproof lodging, a bike mount, a base mount, a tripod mount, two cement bolster strips, two wrist lashes, two Velcro bolster ties, a turn joint, a cleaning fabric and a Micro-USB link. The nature of frill is better than average and they function admirably.

Clamor Play highlights

The Play packs in a 16-megapixel Sony sensor with a 170-degree wide-point focal point. Photographs are shot in the JPEG design while recordings are recorded as MP4 documents. The camera gives you a chance to spin through three shooting modes, which are Video, Photo and Slow-movement. The following mode is Playback, trailed by the Settings. Inside every mode, you can enact different controls, so for example in video, you can set the camera to shoot a standard video or empower circle recording (with 2, 3 or 5 minute interims), or time-slip by video (with interims extending from 0.5 sec to 30 sec). The determination you set applies to all these sub-modes in the video area, and the decisions run from 4K at 30fps to 720p at 120fps. You can even cripple sound account if necessary.

In the photographs mode, you can change the picture determination and set a self-clock. Auto-shoot consequently takes a photo after the set interim, and burst mode can catch up to 10 outlines for every second. For moderate movement video, you simply have a decision between 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps. The general settings let you change the date and time, organize the microSD card, and pick the interface dialect.

The Noise Play can be controlled by means of an iOS or Android application which has a similar name. The camera should be associated with your gadget utilizing Wi-Fi and you’ll have to utilize its Settings application in light of the fact that in the event that you attempt and do it through the application straightforwardly, it doesn’t work. The main tab of the application gives you a chance to switch shooting modes and rolls out it less demanding to improvement settings. The second tab gives you a chance to peruse through the recording you’ve shot on the camera and import documents. The application works the same on Android and iOS.

Clamor Play execution and battery life

Setting up the Noise Play is simply an issue of embeddings a microSD card. You simply need to do that and you’re basically prepared to go. We utilized a 32GB Class 10 (UHS-1) card for our test. The show is obvious in most lighting conditions, aside from in splendid daylight, where it practically washes out. There’s likewise no real way to alter its brilliance level.

Video is appeared in the 16:9 perspective proportion so the dark bars above and underneath it are utilized to demonstrate which mode you’re in, the video or photograph determination, the free space on the microSD card, the battery level, and whether sound is being recorded or not. Nonetheless, a few embellishments like the camera mount obstruct the status LEDs on the back so you can’t tell if the camera is recording or not. Additionally, there’s not no chance to get of knowing the account status on the off chance that you mount the camera confronting you, since there aren’t any pointers on the front.

The bike mount can be utilized on a motorbike as well, however the elastic one the clip is free and it continues floundering strange when attempting to set it up. Likewise, since the elastic covering is thin, it doesn’t drench up vibrations exceptionally well.

In sunshine, 4K video quality is truly fair, with adjacent questions in great core interest. In any case, the sensor has an extreme time metering scenes, and splendid ranges are never-endingly worn out. This is valid for stills also. We additionally saw that irregularly, film gets confused for a moment or two however then fixes once more. This happened a couple of times at 4K however things were better at 1080p. When shooting at full-HD 60fps, film is smooth and the camera oversees great subtle elements in close-by objects, despite the fact that we found that recording was over-honed a bit. Hues are taken care of conventionally well yet light metering is as yet an issue. The field of view is settled, however gratefully, barrel mutilation isn’t a major issue.

During the evening, picture quality endures an extreme shot. Center is delicate and points of interest are soft. In video, questions that aren’t in the focal point of the casing show up very fluffy. The inherent mouthpiece makes an alright showing with regards to of grabbing sound however just when it isn’t secured by embellishments. With the waterproof lodging, there’s an extreme lessening in sound account quality – just truly close or noisy sounds are discernable, and that as well, faintly. Gratefully, the camera doesn’t warm up excessively notwithstanding when utilized as a part of its waterproof case.

Sunshine stills look great, as long as you don’t zoom in or trim them excessively. Hues are rendered nicely as well. The camera offers fundamental alterations like the capacity to change the presentation and white adjust. Around evening time, picture quality is beneath normal. Points of interest are regularly lost and hues aren’t precise. In timelapse recordings, we saw a slight sparkle impact in stationary articles at 4K determination, which in a perfect world shouldn’t occur. Moderate movement video is likewise average.

Battery life is normal and could be better. With nonstop 4K recording, the Noise Play goes on for around 40 minutes, yet we figured out how to get somewhat more at bring down resolutions. With Wi-Fi on, the battery depletes a great deal faster similar to the case with most activity cameras. We additionally saw on occasion that simply playing around in the Settings for a bit would thump a block off the battery meter. It takes a couple of hours to completely charge the camera.


As an apprentice level activity camera, the Noise Play isn’t an awful place to begin. It has a better than average arrangement of highlights like 4K video recording and a show. We additionally like that it accompanies a valuable arrangement of packaged assistants to kick you off. Be that as it may, with a specific end goal to accomplish such a low value, certain bargains have must be made. The fabricate nature of camera, for example, doesn’t move excessively certainty. Video and photograph quality in low-light is extremely frail, and even in sunshine, the camera battles to judge the light in scenes accurately, abandoning you with splendid, exaggerated fixes in a few casings.

As a first endeavor, the Noise Play is an exemplary exertion. In any case, in case you’re hoping to show signs of improvement quality film at this cost (and is there any good reason why you shouldn’t), at that point the Yi Action Camera should offer better outcomes.

Price (MRP): Rs. 6,990


  • 4K video recording
  • Built-in display
  • Good bundle


  • Average build quality
  • Image quality is strictly average
  • Battery life could be better

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 3
  • Performance: 3
  • Value for money: 4
  • Overall: 3.5

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