New Zealand’s signature lamb chops gets an Indian twist

Mumbai: The chefs in India have brought the popular New Zealand lamb chops and have infused it with Indian aromatic species.

If the strong aroma of spices and meat hits your nostrils and makes your drool over it, then these desi lamb chops for sure will never fail to please you.

Here’s a list of chops to savour the different marinades of this succulent meat harmonized with traditional Indian seasonings and herbs.

Barrah Chop:

If you are a spice lover Barrah Chop is a must try. Marinated leisurely with fresh red chilli and vinegar, this meat is an ultimate treat. Barrah is cooked in clay oven and grilled until it turns golden. The best Barrah chops are those where you can taste and savour the spice in every bite.

“Barrah chop compared to other chops gives you an Indian touch, in fact even if you are diet conscious and have to choose among the lamb chops then this is recommended. Because it’s cooked in clay oven, so the amount of oil used is very less and the cooking technique brings in the best flavour,” says Shadab Ahmad Qureshi, Chef De Cuisine, Jayran- Sofitel BKC, Mumbai at Chaap and Tuscan Wine event.

Tawa Chaap Lazeez:

Quite popular in North, Tawa Chaap Lazeez is cooked in typical Punjabi tomato puree with whole Indian species. Cooked on hot metal plate, the chop is cooked to perfection and purposely the meat is cooked only till it turns pink.

Kerela Pepper Lamb Chop:

Marinated in classic dry species from Kerala, this lamb chop gives a unique taste and flavour to your tastebuds. Cooked in fresh onions and tomatoes, the chop is tempered with pepper, mustard and curry leaves.

“Many times the species overpower the lamb chops, but that’s what takes away the main essence of the whole dish. It’s important to understand that spices should be used to bring out the best from meat and not overpower the main ingredient, let the meat shine” says Chef Shadab Ahmad Qureshi, Jayran- Sofitel BKC.

Awadhi Chop Korma:

When the fragrance of saffron and cardamom takes a prominent place in making a lamb chop, then for sure it’s Awadhi Chop. Unlike other chops this meat is all about richness. Saffron is used for making Mughlai sauce and the meat is given a soft creamy texture. The combination works so well that one can say it’s the best rendition so far.

“Whenever cooking lamb chops, one needs to understand that whether it’s roasted, grilled, steamed or cooked on singhri, as a cook you must ensure that it’s an enriching duo of ancient taste and contemporary techniques,” says Chef Shadab Ahmad Qureshi.

Tip:  Wear you chef hat and remember, you can easily cook lamb chops but the art is to never let the spices take away the natural flavours of the meat.

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