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Nasa’s JPL working on manned mission to Mars: Scientist

The Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), an innovative work focus of the US space organization NASA, is buckling down on a kept an eye on mission to the Mars by 2020, a top authority and a researcher of JPL said here on Tuesday.

Larry James, Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion Lab, additionally said that it was likewise chipping away at how to redirect a space rock in a way of impact with the Earth. Dr James conveyed an address on ‘JPL: Exploring Our World, The Solar System And The Universe’, sorted out by the US Consulate here.

Talking about space rocks and close earth objects which can collide with the Earth, James said NASA was investigating how the circle of a space rock can be modified by sending a shuttle. Hunt down water on the Mars will proceed, however the greatest test before the researchers will be to put a space explorer on the red planet, he said.

US space researchers were working together with Indian space organization ISRO for some of these activities, he said. Later, James initiated a 3D Universe office at the B M Birla Science Center here.

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