Mutton Yakhni with Curd Recipe


• 1 kg Mutton (chest pieces)
• 3 ladles of mustard Oil.
• 2 table spoons saunth powder (fennel powder).
• 1 table spoon zeera (cumin).
• 2 tej patte (bay leaves).
• ½ Tea spoon hing (asafetida).
• 5 half crushed laung (Cloves).
• 3 moti elaichi (black Cardamom).
• 1 inch dalcheeni (Cinnamon).
• 1 kg whipped curd.
• 1 spoon desi Ghee (pure Ghee).

Mutton Yakhni With Curd Method / Tarika:

1. Wash the mutton and drain off excess water.
2. Heat two ladles of oil in a pressure cooker, put the mutton in it, add salt and hing, start frying for five minutes on full flame.
3. Put ½ glass water, add saunf powder, crushed moti elaichi, dalchini, bay leaves and pressure cook it up to 3 whistles.
4. Take a frying pan, put one ladle oil and heat it till smoke appears, cool it for three minutes and put zeera and laung in it.
5. Keep it on a low flame and stir for one minute, add the curd and keep it on full flame, stir continuously so that it will not curdle till it boils.
6. Add this boiling curd and pure ghee in the mutton and keep it on low flame for five minutes.
7. Serve it with hot white boiled rice.
source from:kfoods

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