Model for perfection?

Recently, Kendall Jenner hit headlines once again regarding her comments about the pressure on models to be perfect both on and off camera, which have been generating discussions in various quarters. In fact, Indian models resonate with her comments and say that people expect them to look as picture perfect as they do on the ramp.

Model and fashion choreographer Nayanika Chatterjee says, “Every time I go to my daughter’s school, people look at me and say, ‘Oh, so this is what you really look like?’ They tend to expect me to have a kilo of make-up on and look like I look on the runway, but I’m not always going to look like that na? People look so disappointed sometimes, and it’s really quite hilarious.”

Ask her how she deals with it and she says, “The point is, I’m sensible enough to know that yes, make-up does make a difference to how you look but you need certain basic features that you can only enhance with a certain amount of make-up or editing and they are the reason why your face is chosen for a shoot and not someone else’s. Sure, people have their expectations, jealousies and insecurities but you are who you are and you are what you’ve achieved — no one can take that away from you.”

However, Hyderabad-based models feel that the pressure is not as much here because the modelling industry is quite small. Model Subhashini Nemani, who also works at Amazon, says, “People do look at you and expect you to be perfect at all times. They always say that I look different, so I just ask in return, ugly different or good different. Even if
I apply some lipstick and mascara at work, they think it’s perfect make-up.”

But some photographers and companies do like to see a model fresh-faced. Model Alice Rosario says, “You don’t deck up when you go for a work meeting because they want to see you look as natural as possible. After all, what we portray on the ramp is a photographer or make-up artist’s vision.” Model Deborah Doris Fell adds, “At the end of the day, some will love you and some won’t. You can’t pacify everyone. It’s more important to be yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.”

source :Deccan Chronicle

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