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Salman Khan is a liberal man. He has loaned his mentor Rakesh to his Jai Ho performer Daisy Shah. Rakesh is additionally preparing Aamir Khan and motivating him to shed the additional kilos he had put on for his part in Dangal. Daisy was spotted with Salman at Sonam Kapoor’s Diwali gathering a week ago.

Salman had declared in a question and answer session that Aamir would have no issue in changing his body back to ordinary on the grounds that his own wellness mentor Rakesh is preparing Aamir back to wellbeing. Rakesh had additionally been preparing Daisy for Hate Story 3. What’s more, Salman not just keeps a strict tab on her workouts,, additionally routinely transforms it through Rakesh.”

Daisy concedes openly, “Salman knew I must be truly fit for this motion picture. As I comprehended what sort of wellness level should have been be accomplished, I understood Salman was the best individual to talk about my wellness mantra with. He knew I needed to look way preferable and fitter over what I was in Jai Ho, so Salman made me work out with his mentor Rakesh. Amid Jai Ho, there were no objectives to accomplish, yet this year, we actually pushed the pace and made the workouts more forceful. At this time, as the film is finished, I am not on a strict eating routine, but rather Rakesh ensures I do my workouts frequently. It’s about upkeep.”

Does Salman give her wellness tips? “Yes, he gives them through Rakesh. He gets every one of the guidelines straightforwardly from Salman, whom he’s additionally preparing. So when Rakesh meets me, he’s readied with a workout arrangement. Salman is an exceptionally minding man, particularly with those whom he loves.”

Salman has seen the promos of Daisy’s next discharge. “He said they were decent and altogether different from Jai Ho. He realizes that is the thing that the establishment is about and that it is implied for grown-ups. On the off chance that I had the chance, I might want to indicate Salman the film, however I believe it’s an organization arrangement not to have trials, so there’s not a lot I can do about it.”

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