LG Tone Active+ Review

LG’s Tone Bluetooth headsets have been very prevalent throughout the years, and with each new cycle, we’ve seen a slight refinement. The organization declared its most recent variant called the Tone Active+, amid IFA 2016 and it is presently accessible in India at a MRP of Rs. 12,000.

The Tone Active+ gloats of outer stereo speakers, wellness checking, and double receivers as its highlight highlights. It’s a great opportunity to put them under serious scrutiny.

To utilize the earbuds, you just haul them out to the coveted length, after which they secure. The wires they are joined to look very delicate yet in the wake of utilizing the headset, we can state that they are quite sturdy. In the crate, LG ships extra gel ear tips in various sizes, a substantial stabilizer (the elastic piece that reaches out from the tip of the accessory), and a Micro-USB link for charging.

As far as determinations, the Tone Active+ underpins Bluetooth 4.2 and in addition Qualcomm’s aptX and aptX HD profiles for high-determination sound (up to 24-bit) playback. The gadget is likewise IPx4 affirmed so it can withstand sweat and light sprinkles of water. The drivers in the earbuds include what LG calls Quad-Layer Speaker Technology, which was presented in the Tone arrangement two or three years prior. There are likewise two MEMS receivers on the top and side of the necklace, close to the ‘call reply’ catch.

LG Tone Active+ execution and battery life

The usefulness of the Tone Active+ can be extended in the wake of introducing the Tone and Talk application on an Android gadget. Every one of the catches on the jewelry fill double needs, and images for those capacities are engraved on them. At the point when there’s no media playing, you can check the battery status, flip the vibration work on or off, record a voice notice, or play your past messages. The application likewise lets you empower vibration cautions for approaching calls and notices from any introduced application. You can likewise empower voice warnings, which peruses out the sender’s name and the application that has created the notices. The voice incite can likewise read out the substance of instant messages for you. We observed this to be an exceptionally convenient component for when our hands were possessed.

In case you’re utilizing an iPhone, you don’t get the voice partner highlights. You’ll discover the Tone and Talk application in the iOS App Store however its usefulness is restricted. Rather than a voice update alternate route, squeezing that catch just peruses out the present time. For action following, LG prescribes the Tone and Health application, which gives you a chance to set objectives, screens your advance, and matches up with Apple’s HealthKit.

Like we said before, aside from the earbuds, the LG Tone+ additionally has stereo speakers incorporated with the band. Sadly, these aren’t extraordinary for media playback as sound is scarcely capable of being heard when you’re outside with loads of surrounding clamor. They’re usable inside in a peaceful room, however the sound quality is still truly feeble. Things are a little better when making telephone calls. The MEMS amplifiers make a decent showing with regards to with getting your voice, and notwithstanding when we driving by open transport, the guest experienced no difficulty understanding us.

The LG Tone Active+ has a worked in step counter, which you can trigger by holding down the “Following” and “Past” catches all the while for a couple of moments. The Tone and Talk application can record your movement, or you can utilize the LG Health application to track your means and calories consumed. Be that as it may, we didn’t observe this to be exceptionally exact. Any development of the headset is recorded as a stage, regardless of the possibility that you aren’t strolling.

The headphones are staggeringly agreeable to wear, notwithstanding for long spans. The gel ear tips fitted cozily into our ear waterways and blocked most surrounding clamor. There was no stable spillage either, notwithstanding when we increased the volume, which is uplifting news. At first, we found the controls somewhat ungainly to reach. When you wear the jewelry, they are a bit too far back.

We tried the Tone Active+ with an assortment of gadgets, however basically utilized an OnePlus 5 to check sound quality as it underpins the aptX HD sound profile. The headset consequently enters blending mode once your switch it on, making the procedure extremely straightforward. We began with 24-bit FLAC versiosn of Michael Jackson’s Who Is It, Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like, and Leonard Cohen’s If I Didn’t Have Your Love.

In Who Is It, the Tone Active+ conveyed tight and punchy bass with incredible clearness in Jackson’s voice. There was likewise great partition in the vocals of the reinforcement artists in the tune. The flow in Bruno Mars’ single were taken care of perfectly, with great partition crosswise over instruments and the appropriate measure of accentuation given to frequencies over the range. The highs were sharp and fresh without sounding penetrating. Cohen’s rough voice was additionally imitated with extraordinary aplomb. You can truly push the volume level significantly higher than what your cell phone would usually convey. In any case, these headphones don’t sound excessively open. We felt fairly exhausted after delayed listening sessions.

The Tone Active+ makes a decent showing with regards to even with customary quality tracks, which we gushed utilizing Apple Music. We likewise played the FLAC documents utilizing the standard SBC codec, and keeping in mind that despite everything they sounded great, there was a discernible move in quality and progression. The sound isn’t excessively shaded which is great, since top notch sound documents have the opportunity to excel.

Battery life was great. We figured out how to get around nine hours for each charge by and large, which is still not exactly the evaluated 12 hours. Utilizing the speakers instead of the headphones depleted the battery in approximately five hours. Charging is genuinely fast in the event that you utilize any common cell phone charger.


The LG Tone Active+ is a very good Bluetooth headset if you have the budget for it. The street price is actually a little under Rs. 10,000, which makes it decent value considering the quality of audio that you get and its support for high-resolution audio. The design is comfortable, and we liked the fact that the neckband is sweat-resistant. On the other hand, the speakers and the built-in step counter feel gimmicky, and you don’t get the full range of functionality with an iPhone.
Price (MRP): Rs. 12,000

  • High-resolution audio sounds good
  • Comfortable and portable
  • Good battery life
  • Companion app is useful on Android


  • Speakers aren’t very practical
  • Fitness tracking isn’t accurate

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Performance: 4.5
  • Value for money: 4
  • Overall: 4

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