LG phone app lets users control their smartphones via a Windows PC

LG has presented another application called VPInput which permits clients to control their LG G4, G5 and V10 cell phones utilizing Windows PC’s mouse and console. Be that as it may, this requires the VPInput application on the telephone and LG VPInput PC Program for Windows or Mac and utilizations Bluetooth to interface both separately. Clients can download it from the Google Play Store.

The organization clarifies, “The VPInput application gives LG cell phone clients control of their gadgets utilizing their PC’s mouse and console, an advantageous arrangement when you’re at your work area yet need to check your telephone without intruding on your work process.”

Regarding highlights, you can remotely control your Android cell phone with the mouse on the PC. You can remotely include content on an Android cell phone with the console on the PC as well. Moreover, you can share the Clipboard content between your Android cell phone and your PC (ex. CTRL+C, CTRL+V). Likewise, send a promptly caught screen picture of your Android cell phone when required. You can assign an alternate way of your Android cell phone application on your PC too. (ex. Press F1, execute Call application).

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