leave flight MS181 at Larnaca airport

Another Cypriot official says there “appears as though there’s more than one thief.

Cypriot state media reports that 20 individuals have been discharged from captured EgyptAir flight MS181 at Larnaca air terminal.

EgyptAir plane criminal lets ladies, kids leave the air ship.

EgyptAir robber debilitated to explode explosives belt: Egypt common avionics

In an official proclamation in Arabic, the EgyptAir says the captured plane is an Airbus 320 Flight 181, conveying 81 travelers and flying from Borg to Cairo air terminal. The pilot imparted with respect to the vicinity of a traveler having a belt under lock and key. The traveler constrained the pilot to arrive in Larnakh air terminal in Cyprus. The powers are arranging with the criminal.

EgyptAir affirms the seizing of its flight.

EgyptAir thieves reached control tower at 8:30 am (GMT) and the plane was offered consent to arrive at 8:50 am, reports AFP.

The commandeered plane is conveying 55 travelers, seven team: Egyptian airplane terminal authority

A Cyprus official says a bomb is suspected on board the commandeered plane.

EgyptAir thief hasn’t laid out requests, says Cyprus state TV.

One individual is thought to be equipped.

As per reports, the commandeered EgyptAir plane is an Airbus 320.

The traveler plane, with about 80 individuals on board, has arrived at Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.

An EgyptAir traveler plane, going from Alexandria to Cairo, has been commandeered.

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