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Japanese potatoes secret to youth?

While a few big names swing to Botox and other restorative medications to look energetic, Olivia Munn as of late uncovered she lean towards regular hostile to maturing strategies. She confessed to eating Japanese potatoes day by day. The performer heats them with olive oil and cinnamon. In a post on Instagram, Olivia kept in touch with, “I’ve discussed this before despite everything I remain by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in Hyaluronic Acid keep wrinkles away. Turn upward this video: ‘Connie Chung Yuzihara’ to realize about it. There are Hyaluronic Acid pills and vitamins however I believe that the most ideal approach to get it in your framework is by eating them in nourishments that normally have them.” Can these truly do ponders for one’s skin?

Weight reduction BENEFITS

Dr Madhuri Agarwal, Mumbai-based dermatologist says Japanese potatoes have awesome medical advantages. “It is referred to for diminishing weight as it has a vast fiber content. With positive dietary impact, Japanese potato additionally can possibly top you off. Additionally, it likewise contains a decent measure of Vitamin C that aides in battling wrinkles and maturing. Because of their high fiber content, the potatoes are sufficiently considerable to supplant one supper. In this manner, it is sufficient to expend them once every day. Be that as it may, since they are rich in Vitamin C, they are extremely shaky and ensured by starch. It is prescribed to steam the potatoes as opposed to sear them. Simply don’t anticipate that outcomes will indicate quickly.” Many other sustenance items have high hyaluronic corrosive substance. “To give some examples, green vegetables like kale and spinach are great wellsprings of hyaluronic corrosive. Extra potatoes and different roots vegetables, for example, carrot and sweet potatoes are additionally rich in this. Moreover, you can likewise discover high convergence of hyaluronic corrosive in Asian vegetables, for example, imoji, konyaku and satoimo also,” she includes.


Dr Rajat Kandhari, Principal Dermatologist, Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic says there are different sorts of Japanese potatoes. “There are ones with the orange tissue (high in beta carotene content, a great cell reinforcement) and some purple ones, otherwise called the okinawa potatoes, which are rich in anthocyanin (a phytochemical which is an effective cancer prevention agent). These potatoes can restrain free radical harm which might influence the heart, digestive tract, bones and the skin, along these lines prompting lesser aggravation. Further these potatoes are rich wellsprings of hyaluronic corrosive, dietary fiber, vitamin C and A — which makes them incredible for good skin as well as in getting more fit,” says Dr Kandhari including, “One might estimate that these sources can help in slowing down the organic clock however there are different things one might need to consider — Should we cook these vegetables as the HA is really delicate to warm and possibly demolished. Further after ingestion, the HA and different sources experience quick corruption. So despite the fact that these might be nutritious sustenances with great properties however the amount they can help in turning around the maturing clock stays to be seen.”


The high vitamin substance is useful says Dr Soma Sarkar, Consulting Dermatologist, About Face Clinic. “Vitamin C is a decent cancer prevention agent whose part is to lessen oxidative anxiety and at the same time take a shot at collagen blend. This is required to build skin solidness, diminish scarcely discernible differences and wrinkles furthermore negative impacts of sun harm. You can eat them every day, except it ought not be overcompensated. Today individuals age rashly, so to keep up the dampness in the body this is a decent source.”

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