ISS astronauts plant third lettuce crop on space station!

Washington: Astronauts, who are presently on board the International Space Station (ISS), have begun planting their third on-circle yield of red romaine lettuce.

“Early at the beginning of today, NASA space traveler Shane Kimbrough started the Veg-03 analyze, one of his first science assignments as another team part on board the circling research center,” NASA said in an announcement on Wednesday.

A plant development framework called “Veggie” are being utilized by the stargazers for their examination.

The Veg-03 yield will be the Veggie group’s first on-circle endeavor at another, dreary gather method named ‘Cut-and-Come-Again’.

Nicole Dufour, NASA’s Veggie extend director said “Once the plants are roughly four weeks old, a determination of leaves can be collected for a touch of new lettuce and perhaps science tests. In the mean time, a few leaves are left in place alongside the center of the plant, and will proceed to develop and deliver more clears out”.

Dufour included, “We expect this will expand the on-circle edit yield, and in addition take into consideration more chances to supplement our space travelers’ weight control plans with new, nutritious sustenance from similar plants, which is a critical objective of the ‘pick-and-eat’ nourishment idea”.

The group is restlessly anticipating germination comes about, expected right on time one week from now, Dufour said.

Space travelers on future long-length space missions should have the capacity to develop their own sustenance to supplement their weight control plans.

Utilizing the Veggie plant development office on board the station, Veg-03 expands on the achievements of past studies, including Veg-01, which brought about the first-ever on-circle collect and testing of crisp deliver amid the mid year of 2015.

Procedures gained from Veggie yields will help NASA get ready for the Journey to Mars.

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