Hyderabad GES Day 1: Micro-ambulance, AmbuPod is the ‘star’

Hyderabad: AmbuPod, a three-wheeled sun based controlled miniaturized scale emergency vehicle that can oblige one patient and be appended to a bike, picked up consideration at the very beginning of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The gadget has been produced by a Pune-based start-up that is controlled by a previous officer of the Indian Air Force. It is perfect for use in swarmed urban areas and country regions. It can likewise be utilized as a part of sloping locales.

The AmbuPod can be worked as a 24-hour emergency vehicle. It is furnished with a solitary stretcher that can suit one patient and seats for restorative chaperons. The climate confirmation case can be connected to a bike, which can enable it to explore through swarmed streets and thin town paths. It additionally has a make-move tent unit, particularly for pregnant ladies. This unit takes into account the set up of a clinical tent that can be utilized to give outpatient offices and direct conveyances.

The hardware housed in the AmbuPod is charged by sun based power. The minimal effort emergency vehicle is yet to hit the market; its engineers are sitting tight for a patent to be conceded.

Addressing this paper, D. Lavania, one of the trend-setters in charge of the advancement of the AmbuPod, stated, “The arrangement of crisis therapeutic offices has been a test in provincial India. This division has been horribly denied of medicinal services. Offices are either inaccessible, or they contact individuals after a long deferral. Normal ambulances might be poorly prepared and too vast to drive through thin town tracks. The patient must be carried on an unrefined stretcher the distance to the healing center, or to the fundamental street where the rescue vehicle is stopped. This can prompt a crumbling in the condition, or even passing, of the patient.”

While the circumstance is distinctive in urban areas, there have been instances of patients having kicked the bucket due to the rescue vehicle being stuck in movement for quite a long time. The AmbuPod could along these lines be valuable in urban communities.

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