How to use mobile internet on a computer

Associate by means of Bluetooth

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth availability on your cell phone to match the gadget with your PC

Step 2: Open Control Panel on your PC > Click on Hardware and sound > Click on Devices and printers > Right-tap on the symbol that speaks to your cell phone > Click on Connect utilizing > and after that Click on Access point.

On the off chance that fruitful, you will get a notice on your cell phone that says a Bluetooth association has been built up.

Associate by means of WiFi Hotspot

Step 1: From your cell phone, tap Settings > from Wireless and systems area, tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 2: On your PC, turn on the remote systems administration and play out a sweep to discover your cell phone. When you endeavor to interface with your gadgets you will be incited to enter a password on your PC. The password will be shown on your cell phone. When you have associated the gadgets you will have the capacity to surf the web on your tablet.

Interface via​ USB

Step 1: Connect your cell phone to your PC by means of a USB link.

Step 2: From your cell phone, tap Settings > While in the Wireless and systems segment tap versatile hotspot < Tap USB tying. You will see a warning on your cell phone when associated.

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