How to expand the storage on your PlayStation 4

In the age of the 50GB amusement, going advanced on a standard PlayStation 4 can be to a great degree troublesome. Including DLCs, spared diversion information, screen shots, video clasps of your gameplay, amusement and framework upgrades to the blend makes it close difficult to have more than a couple recreations put away on your reassure in the meantime. For this to work, you will require a PlayStation 4, Phillips-head screwdriver, a USB streak drive with no less than a GB of capacity limit and a 2.5-inch portable PC hard drive. Before you proceed with you might need to make a reinforcement of your amusement information.

Step 1: Start off by expelling the 2.5-inch portable PC hard drive from the external packaging and unhinging every one of the screws with the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 2: Disconnect your PS4 from the power supply and expel the HDD. On the off chance that you have a more established model, evacuate the lustrous plastic plate at the left. On the PS4 Pro, the HDD can be uncovered by expelling the packaging on the back. At that point evacuate the screws and slide the hard drive (with its packaging) out of the PS4. Evacuate the screws that are holding the old HDD into the packaging.

Step 3: Replace the old hard drive with the new HDD and re-screw it into the packaging utilizing the screws with the PlayStation Symbol) and slide it once more into the PlayStation 4. At that point re-screw the packaging (which now holds the new hard drive) on the PlayStation 4

Step 4: From your PC, download this product from this site. Design the glimmer drive to FAT32. To do this, Right-tap on the glimmer drive < Click on Format starting from the drown menu < select FAT32 < Click on Start at the base of the window. Make an envelope on the blaze drive titled UPDATE and afterward duplicate the downloaded record into that organizer.

Step 5: Connect the blaze drive to the PS4 and switch the comfort on in protected mode by holding the power catch for 8 seconds. At that point Select Initialize PS4 choice and take after the onscreen guidelines.

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