‘How about we go’ content, guide of Bataclan theater found on Paris assailant’s phone

Paris/Belgrade/Athens: A PDA has been found close to the site of one of Friday’s Paris shootings with a guide of the music venue that was assaulted and an instant message on it saying words to the impact of “how about we go”, a source with learning of the examinations said.

Affirming reports on French site Mediapart and US TV station CNN, the source said the telephone was found in a dustbin close to the Bataclan show lobby where the bloodiest of the shootings occurred.

No less than 129 individuals passed on in the killings, including 89 at Bataclan. Islamic State has asserted obligation regarding the co-ordinated suicide bombings and shootings.

Paris aggressor may have had accessory on excursion through Balkans

One of the Paris suicide aggressors may have had an accessory with him as he ventured out through the Balkans to western Europe in the wake of entering Greece acting like a Syrian displaced person, counter-insight and police sources say.

The attacker might likewise have come to Paris speedier and more effortlessly than anticipated on the grounds that haven seekers were surged over some national outskirts at the stature of the movement emergency in Europe this year to stay away from bottlenecks after Hungary shut its fringes, incidentally to keep out suspected activists.

The man, who exploded himself close to the Stade de France stadium in Friday’s assaults that killed 129 individuals, has been recognized from a Syrian visa found close to his body as 25-year-old Ahmad al-Mohammad for the northwestern city of Idlib.

The identification could be false or stolen however its holder was enlisted as touching base close by 198 evacuees by vessel from Turkey on October 3 in Leros, a little beautiful Greek island.

French powers have said the fingerprints of the assailant who exploded himself coordinated those of the man who arrived on Leros.

Greek authorities said on Sunday that Mohammad appeared not to be going with anybody particular, notwithstanding landing with others. Be that as it may, a counter-insight source in Macedonia, one of the nations he went through, discussed an “enormous examination in the Balkans about the course of two of the terrorists”.

The source, who declined to be named, shown to Reuters that Macedonia was organizing its activity with Greece, and that a partner was with Mohammad when they purchased ship tickets taking them to Piraeus on the Greek territory.

“On October 4, in a steady progression, they purchased ship tickets for 51.50 euros ($54.90) and they landed in Piraeus at 23:10 on October 5 on the Diagoras ship,” the source said.

The proprietor of the Kastis travel office in Leros, 42-year-old Dimitris Kastis, sold tickets to Mohammad and a man who was with him.

“He didn’t do or say anything that got my consideration,” Kastis said, including that both men had paid in real money. He said the man going with him had a comparable surname.

Greek media have distributed a photo of the second man’s ticket, which gives his family name as al-Mahmod, and the beginning of his given name as M.

Kastis said he perceived this as the name the second man gave when obtaining the ticket.

A Croatian police official, who declined to be named, additionally told Reuters that an examination was under path into Mohammed’s trip which was concentrating on whether he was going with anybody and, assuming this is the case, with whom.


In Leros, Mohammad was enrolled as required under European Union guidelines, with his fingerprints recorded in an European database known as Eurodac. Since his visa looked bona fide and there was no police record on him, he was given a license permitting him to stay in Greece for six months.

A duplicate of Mohammad’s grant was appropriated to writers by Immigration Minister Yannis Mouzalas. Written in Greek just, it expresses that its holder ought not leave the city of Corinth for the entire period without alarming police.

However, inside of days, Mohammad had gone at any rate similarly as Croatia.

The counter-insight source in Macedonia said Mohammad was all the while going with a sidekick two days subsequent to coming to Piraeus. They enrolled together at an exile camp in the terrace of an old tobacco plant in the Serbian town of Presevo, however Serbian authorities have not said an assistant.

Mohammad then went ahead to Croatia, either via prepare or transport, and was enrolled on Oct. 8 at the Opatovac outcast camp.

Reuters has been not able figure out what course Mohammad took after this, or whether he was joined by anybody.

Croatian police said he in all likelihood left for Hungary inside of 24 hours, however Budapest has no record of him entering from Croatia, which at the time was offloading a large number of vagrants consistently over its northern fringe with Hungary.

Mohammad’s no doubt destination from Hungary would have been Austria. In right on time October vagrants were being sent in trains with bolted ways to Hegyeshalom on the Austrian fringe, where Reuters columnists said they were introduced the nation without having their archives checked.

Austrian Interior Ministry representative Karl-Heinz Grundboeck said it was “guess and theory” that a man passing by the name of al-Mohammad had gone through Austria which, similar to France, is a piece of the EU’s Schengen zone where routine inside outskirt controls have been evacuated.

In any case, Vienna has affirmed that one more of the assailants, Belgian-conceived Frenchman Salah Abdeslam, entered Austria from Germany on Sept. 9.

Hungarian government representative Zoltan Kovacs told journalists on Tuesday that Budapest had no data with reference to whether Mohammad crossed Hungary. Around then Hungary was not enlisting vagrants in light of the fact that Croatia had officially done as such.

Both nations are EU individuals in any case, dissimilar to Croatia, Hungary is in the Schengen zone and had fixed its outskirts with Serbia to vagrants on September 15.

This constrained the vagrants into Croatia, which goaded Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban by transporting them north over its own particular outskirt with Hungary, by and large without checks.


The incongruity of an Islamist aggressor moving rapidly through the Balkans into western Europe and the heart of the 28-country EU won’t be lost on Hungary, where Orban construct his extreme position with respect to the stream of transients on worries that numerous were outsiders instead of exiles escaping destitution or war, and that some could be “terrorists”.

The issue is additionally delicate in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has been reprimanded for her inviting approach on displaced people.

What’s more, some far-right and populist pioneers have seized on the likelihood that any of the eight Paris assailants came to Western Europe by acting like a vagrant, utilizing it to venture up their against movement message.

Any security slips are additionally a potential humiliation for the nations Mohammad went through, yet powers say the inundation of transients as of late has made it verging on unthinkable for them to keep out would-be assailants.

“We take fingerprints, yet how would we check them? Against which database? In the event that there’s nothing on that individual in the data we got or in the event that he’s not needed by Interpol he can go … He could be a shaven Osama Bin Laden for all we know,” said a senior Serbian law requirement official, talking on state of namelessness.

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