‘Hey Cortana’ feature removed from the Cortana app on Android

Microsoft discharged the Cortana application for iOS and Android clients, a couple of weeks back. Cortana is a Voice initiated individual aide, created by Microsoft. Cortana works like Apple’s “Siri” and Android’s ‘Google Now’.

An upgrade discharged a couple of hours back on Android, rendered you not able to initiate Cortana by saying ‘Hey Cortana’. Beforehand, clients could say ‘Hey Cortana’ to enact the individual right hand. This order would sidestep any application and even a bolted screen to pull up the Cortana application, adequately substituting the Google Now application for Android telephones.

This element was debilitated from the get-go on iOS, as it is against Apple’s tenets.

Some Android clients communicated issues like failing earphones and some of Google components separating which lead Microsoft to just expel Cortana from Play Store in the US market.

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