Govt hikes wheat MSP by Rs 110 per quintal; pulses, Rs 200 per quintal

New Delhi: The legislature on Tuesday expanded the base help value (MSP) of wheat by Rs 110 to Rs 1,735 a quintal and of heartbeats by Rs 200 for every quintal to help support the yield of these products and check costs, official sources said.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has affirmed the MSPs of all rabi (winter-sown) crops for 2017-18.

MSP is the rate at which government purchases grain from agriculturists. As indicated by sources, the CCEA endorsed Rs 110 for every quintal climb in wheat MSP to Rs 1,735 for every quintal for the 2017-18 rabi edit, up from Rs 1,625 for each quintal a year ago.

To empower the development of gram and masoor, their MSPs have been raised by Rs 200 for every quintal each to Rs 4,200 and Rs 4,150.

Among oilseeds, rapeseed/mustard and saflower seed MSP has likewise been expanded significantly, the sources stated, including that the help costs are in accordance with the proposals of the Commission at Agricultural Costs and Costs.

Wheat is the principle rabi edit, sowing of which will start from this month. The yield will be promoted from one year from now April onwards.

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