Fastrack Reflex Review

Fastrack is a notable brand in India, claimed by watchmaker Titan. Aside from watches, Fastrack offers a few frill, for example, shades that are focused at youths. The Fastrack Reflex is the organization’s initially endeavor at a reasonable movement tracker for India.

On paper, the Fastrack Reflex looks very energizing. It’s estimated at just Rs. 1,995 – generally the same as the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – and offers movement and additionally rest following. It adjusts with Android and iOS gadgets and guarantees weeks-long battery life. This sounds incredible, and we utilized the Reflex for three weeks to see whether it acts as publicized.

Fastrack Reflex outline

Fastrack has a considerable measure of involvement with advertising to youngsters. Some of that is on show with the Reflex too. Its double shading band isn’t a straightforward paint work. The external and inward layers have diverse hues and feel distinctive as well. While the external layer has a marginally unpleasant, furrowed example, the internal layer has a smooth elastic like feel. This makes the band a la mode and in addition agreeable. We wore the band for the duration of the day and keeping in mind that we were dozing, without any issues at all. The Fastrack Reflex is very agreeable in general.

In any case, we do feel that the band is a bit too wide – in all probability the consequence of attempting to suit the cumbersome movement tracker container. It would seem that a larger than average pen drive and should have been slimmer. Its size makes it unsatisfactory for individuals with thin wrists or the individuals who incline toward their assistants to be smooth.

The cumbersome container has a minor favorable position – it charges by means of a customary USB. This implies you can connect it to essentially any tablet, desktop, or even whatever other connector with a USB port for charging. Tragically, the show is very normal. It’s bolted to a level introduction, which makes it difficult to check the time or step information when you’re wearing the gadget on your wrist. Vertical introduction would have been greatly improved for perusing content.

Indeed, even the catch on the front, which is very difficult to spot, doesn’t generally react well. As much as we preferred the nature of the band, the case itself is a significant setback. It feels like Fastrack cut a couple corners to abstain from raising the cost.

Fastrack Reflex execution and programming

We should handle the great parts first. The Fastrack Reflex is a genuinely precise action tracker. Against a normal of around 8,000 stages a day, information from the Reflex indicated just a 5 to 7 percent deviation when analyzed against the progression tracker on an iPhone 7. That implies it’s genuinely exact with movement information.

Be that as it may, Fastrack’s Reflex application on Android and iOS leaves a considerable measure to be wanted. Most importantly, the outline is fair in both cases. The concentrate seems to have been on making a barebones application to record information as opposed to a connecting with approach to check your movement. That is a major ordeal since contenders, for example, Xiaomi have obviously better partner applications for their wellness trackers.

Also, the iOS application for the Fastrack Reflex is scarcely utilitarian. The band didn’t remain combined with our iPhone 7 dependably. Each time we opened the application, we were welcomed with the “blending demand” iOS fly up twice. After that the application pulled information from the movement tracker. This taken a shot at Android, however on iOS it neglected to download information from earlier days.

The Fastrack Reflex stores movement information for 15 days however on the iOS application a few days demonstrated no action information since we opened the application to adjust just once every four days or somewhere in the vicinity. We didn’t confront this issue with the Android application.

At long last, we couldn’t even unpair the Fastrack Reflex on the iPhone on the grounds that the application would lose its association with the tracker the minute we hit the unpair catch. We needed to turn Bluetooth off and after that open the Reflex application on Android when we needed to combined it with another gadget.

That conveys us to another worry with this action tracker – we couldn’t erase our movement information from the Fastrack Reflex when we were finished with it. There’s no real way to evacuate information shy of simply putting the Reflex away for 15 days. Information evacuation ought to be feasible for the individuals who need to offer or give away their Fastrack Reflex so that their information stays private.


Had it been the main item in the market, we’d say that the Fastrack Reflex was a better than average movement tracker. In any case, in a swarmed scene that as of now has items, for example, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the Fastrack Reflex is a long ways behind its opposition. The Mi Band 2 has a superior show, is sleeker, offers great battery life, and even has a uninvolved heartrate sensor. It additionally has smooth applications on Android and iOS.

The Fastrack Reflex has a pleasant band and keeps going around three weeks on a solitary charge, yet other than that it doesn’t have much taking the plunge. Regardless of the possibility that you can live with a barebones Android application, the Fastrack Reflex is quite recently excessively cumbersome for the vast majority. We feel that Fastrack made one trade off excessively numerous and it needs to take a gander at the opposition to enhance its item. Until that happens, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 remains the best movement tracker to purchase in the sub-Rs. 2,000 value point.

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