Facebook to withdraw BlackBerry support

Facebook has chosen to drop the backing for BlackBerry’s supporting portable working framework. This will constrain the clients to go for the versatile site of the online networking stage, reports the Verge.

The move takes after WhatsApp’s declaration of ceasing its BlackBerry 10 and BBOS applications before the end of 2016.

Lou Gazzola, Blackberry’s senior showcasing director for engineer relations, declared the news on Monday in a blog entry.

“We are to a great degree baffled in their choice, as we probably am aware such a variety of clients love these applications. We battled back to work with WhatsApp and Facebook to alter their opinions, yet as of now, their choice stands. In spite of this, we have endeavored to guarantee that our end-clients have the best involvement in light of this choice, and we are keeping on hunting down exchange arrangements.”

The post does not say when Facebook is anticipating doing this. The application is still accessible in the BlackBerry World application store.

BlackBerry is gradually moving to Android OS. They dispatched Priv, a sliding console handset with Android. Along these lines, if organizations will quit creating applications for hardly utilized OS, it ought not seem to be an amazement.

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