Ever wondered why seabirds consume plastic? Here’s a clue

New Delhi: In a to start with, US researchers have at last figured out how to discover an intimation over why seabirds consider plastic a nourishment and expend it.

Researchers have found that plastic contamination which exists in the ocean diverts from a curious scent that draws in seabirds and accordingly they expend it.

According to a report distributed in BBC, the odor, that is particularly like that of spoiled ocean growth, is brought on by the breakdown of microscopic fish that sticks to drifting bits of plastic.

Very nearly 90% of seabirds devour plastic and may likewise keep some in their stomaches, which inturn puts their wellbeing at hazard.

Seabirds relate the possess an aroma similar to plastic with nourishment and in this way swallow plastic waste.

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