Dont purchase it, rent it

An Emporio Armani outfit may cost you around Rs 3 lakh, while a Chanel pack costs at any rate around a lakh and a half. And after that comes the subject of how frequently we’re willing to be found in the same outfit – not more than twice? Possibly thrice. With a specific end goal to comprehend this emergency of looking stylish yet not blazing an immense gap in your pocket, design rental stores are being propelled in Chennai. Beginning from Rs 2,000, you get the chance to be the pleased proprietor of a Gucci or Fendi for a day and sparkle in all your magnificence!

Bharat Kolluru, who runs F For U, says that his wife was the principle reason he began this extravagance rental store. “Indians’ perspective of global fashioners and brands is such a great amount of more extensive than what it used to be some time recently. They need to wear the best of outfits or dresses matched with the most costly sacks — and that is the place stores like us come in,” says Bharat.

He feels that rather than individuals spending numerous thousands on garments that they won’t wear more than once, they can lease a dress from his store for under one-eighth the expense!

“With an immense increment in the quantity of gatherings and occasions that individuals go to, actually they’ll require another look each week. Leasing or contracting garments for one day works out less expensive, in addition to you have a wide decision of planners under the same rooftop,” he includes.

Zodiac Tailors, situated in Perambur, have been around throughout the previous ten years yet took to leasing garments as of late as a result of the sheer request. “Clients from a wide range of foundations, including TV stay Imman annachi, come to us to lease garments for weddings, parties, school goodbyes and even prospective employee meet-ups,” says J Sayed Khudrathullah, the store’s author.

Obviously, similar to whatever other business, rental stores have their offer of drawbacks — “The most serious issue is that individuals know they don’t claim the outfit yet it’s just leased, so their confidence takes a hit. Likewise, they have their questions about who wore it before them,” says Bharat.

Mainstream creator and Chennai fellow Sidney Sladen has a restricting perspective, “I don’t comprehend the idea of leasing — on the off chance that you can’t bear to purchase it, then don’t wear it by any stretch of the imagination!” he says, including, “I feel that individuals need not change their distinction. As a fashioner, I value my garments reasonably so I have repeating clients. They’re not all that over the top that the customer will buy one and only outfit from me in a year; I need them to return no less than five times.”

Model Christleda Philip thinks leasing extras or garments bodes well just on the off chance that they’re past a financial plan. “By and by, I purchase my outfits however I know numerous understudies who can’t stand to shop at Jimmy Choo or Louis Vuitton. For them, it bodes well to lease a pack or shoes,” she says including, “I wouldn’t ever purchase an outfit worth Rs 2 lakhs; I’d much rather choose individual pieces from stores and gather an outfit,” she c

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