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Daily cup of tea may lower heart attack risk: study

Washington: Drinking only some tea a day might bring down your danger of heart assault and stroke, another study has asserted.

Analysts found that individuals who drank some tea every day were 35 for each penny less inclined to show at least a bit of kindness assault or other major cardiovascular occasion, contrasted with nondrinkers. The discoveries by scientists from Johns Hopkins Hospital in US demonstrate that tea consumers were more averse to have calcium development in the heart’s coronary supply routes.

Calcium stores have been connected to genuine conditions, for example, coronary illness and stroke, specialists said. “We found that direct tea consumers had a diminished movement of coronary supply route calcium and a diminished occurrence of cardiovascular occasions,” said Elliott Miller from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Analysts took a gander at information from more than 6,000 men and ladies selected in a progressing study that started in 2000. Toward the start of the concentrate, the greater part of the volunteers were free of coronary illness, “HealthDay” reported.

Scientists followed the records of the men and ladies to see who showed some kindness assault, stroke, mid-section torment, or kicked the bucket from different sorts of coronary illness more than 11 years. They likewise measured the calcium stores in the veins more than five years by contrasting prior Computerized Tomography checks (CT sweep) to later ones.

The study found that individuals who drank some tea a day had around 33% less danger of a noteworthy coronary illness occasion amid the study period than individuals who did not drink tea.

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