Cops arrest 4, seize 4.19 kg gold, cash

Hyderabad: The south zone group of the Commissioner’s Task Force captured four persons and seized 4.19 kg gold and lakhs of rupees in Indian and outside money from them. The four were recognized as Zafar Ahmed, 28, Syed Wajeed, 25, Arif Ali Shaik, 40, and Mohd Taheruddin, 24. The police is vigilant for Mohd Feroz Khan, 32.

On the whole, the police seized 36 gold bars, Indian cash worth Rs 16 lakh, 2,500 Saudi riyals and 910 UAE dhirams from them. Police said Feroz Khan, an occupant of Dubai, obtained the gold and sent it to Hyderabad through transporters. Examinations demonstrated that the gold had been pirated by the transporters in flights to the city from Dubai.

Asif used to offer the gold to clients at marked down costs, police said. The captured persons and the property would be given over to the police for further examinations.

Police said the captures were made under the supervision of Additional DCP N. Koti Reddy of the Commissioner’s Task Force.

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