Chicken Musakhan

This holy month of Ramzan, prepare for Iftar with this delectable recipe that you can rustle up at home.

Chicken musakhan


1½ kg whole chicken, cut into 4 pieces or chicken strips
6 cups water or 1500 ml
¾ cup olive oil or 185 ml
3 medium onions or 450 g, sliced
1 crumbled cube of chicken stock
¼ tsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp sumac
3 tbsp pine seeds, toasted
A loaf of bread


Start by cooking chicken strips in a substantial dish subsequent to showering some olive oil.

Presently include onions and broil them for around five minutes, or until they are brilliant seared.

Toss in chicken stock 3D shapes, dark pepper to the dish, and blend until blended well.

Bring down the fire and let it cook until a tanish glue is shaped.

Move it into a dish and spread the blend onto a cut of bread or naan.

Move it and spot it in a preparing dish. Brush with some olive oil the highest point of every bread roll.

Prepare in a 230ºC preheated broiler until bread turns out to be marginally cocoa in shading.

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