Check out this slick exclusive Game of Thrones edition Xbox One

Another season down, and Game of Thrones fans are either as of now longing for additional, or frantically attempting to avoid spoilers until they can fling observe all of Season 6. Obviously, the GoT buildup wouldn’t be finished without some real brands hopping on the temporary fad, and this time it’s a doozy.

To celebrate the season finale, Microsoft has disclosed an exceptional release Game of Thrones Xbox One. Tragically for the profound of pockets, it’s not available to be purchased, but rather you can even now catch one in the various challenges it’s running. The post was spotted on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles of Xbox France; you should simply like/offer/retweet/hashtag with #XboxLovesGoT to get an opportunity to win one.

Obviously, you’re chances may be thin, and there’s no word on whether this is constrained to France, however with nothing to lose why not attempt at any rate? If you win, you’d be the pleased proprietor of one of these select children, of which just six are up for snatches. Extra focuses, the consoles additionally dispatch with the complete Blu-beam box set of Game of Thrones.

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