CCEA approves restructuring plan for loss-making Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd

The administration on Wednesday affirmed a rebuilding arrangement of misfortune making PSU Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd (HOCL) with a monetary ramifications of Rs 1,008.67 crore.

According to the rebuilding arrangement, HOCL’s non-practical unit at Rasayani (Maharashtra) will be shut down with the exception of di-nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4) plant, which will be exchanged to ISRO.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) endorsed a rebuilding arrangement for HOCL, a debilitated focal open segment undertaking under the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Power Minister Piyush Goel told columnists here. HOCL has units at Rasayani (Maharashtra) and Kochi (Kerala). The vast majority of its plants have stayed closed amid the most recent couple of years.

The organization has been making consistent money misfortunes since 2011-12 and it couldn’t pay standard pay and statutory contribution to the workers since February, 2015. The N2O4 plant will be exchanged to ISRO on ‘as is the place is’ premise, with around 20 sections of land of land and representatives related with the plant.

This plant is of key significance as it is the main indigenous wellspring of N2O4, which is utilized as fluid rocket force by ISRO in space dispatch vehicles.

“Monetary ramifications of the arrangement is Rs 1,008.67 crore (money) which is to be met somewhat from offer of 442 sections of land HOCL arrive at Rasayani to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (Rs 618.80 crore) and the adjust (Rs 365.26 crore) through extension advance from the administration,” the announcement said.

The assets will be used to exchange the different liabilities of the organization. The liabilities incorporate installment of remarkable compensation and statutory levy of representatives and reimbursement of government ensured obligations of Rs 250 crore due for reclamation in August-September 2017.

HOCL will reimburse the scaffold credit sum and other government liabilities from the transfer of staying unhampered land and different resources of Rasayani unit.

The rebuilding arrangement will empower HOCL to shut down the operations of non-practical plants at Rasayani unit while exchanging the deliberately vital N2O4 plant to ISRO to guarantee coherence of fabricate and supply of N2O4 for ISRO’s space program, the announcement said.

“Intrigue and welfare of workers will be tended to by installment of all their remarkable pay duty,” it included.

The transfer of land will open the advantages for being redeployed for monetarily profitable speculations and consequently making new business era openings.

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