Calabria-ted with Ferraro magic

Calabria’s envoy, expat Chef Luigi Ferraro, who won the gold at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup, shares his most loved Southern Italian formulas

Tomato tartare, wild ox mozzarella and basil

For the tartare: l 400 gm tomatoes l 10 gm cappers l 2 gm basil l 2 gm garlic l 10 gm dark olives l Clean the tomatoes and cut into 3D shapes, blend all the rest of the fixings. Keep aside.

For tomato sauce: 50 gm onion 40 gm additional virgin olive oil 4 gm garlic 10 gm basil 400 gm tomatoes Salt and white pepper to taste Quanto basta (enough amount) xantana Cook the onion and garlic with olive oil. Dice the tomatoes and basil, prepare and afterward mix. At that point get done with cooking at 600 C. A cool blend with xantana.

For cherry tomato confit: 200 gm cherry tomatoes 1 gm garlic 1 gm thyme 2 gm lemon pizzazz 5 gm additional virgin olive oil Salt and dark pepper to taste Icing sugar Bake at 800 C for around six hours, then keep in additional virgin olive oil.

For crisp tomato: 100 gm yellow cherry tomato 100 gm red cherry tomato 100 gm green cherry tomato Olive oil Salt and dark pepper to taste Cut into cuts and season with salt, pepper and oil.

For aubergine sauce: 500 gm aubergine Tahina and lemon juice, as indicated by taste 5 gm garlic 1 gm oregano Quanto basta salt and dark pepper Roast the aubergine on the fire, then heat in the broiler, evacuate the peel and seeds, mix every one of the fixings.

Per la mozzarella: 1 parcel cream 500 gm mozzarella 4 gelatine sheets 12 basil leaves quanto basta plastic inflatables Cook cream with the hacked mozzarella and basil leaves, combine all wiping out the basil leaves and include gelatin, with the assistance of a syringe to fill the inflatables and keep them in water and ice.

For pesto basilico pacojet: 110 gm basil leaves 20 gm pine nuts 20 gm parmigiano reggiano 5 gm garlic 140 gm olive oil. Consolidate the fixings and put in impact cooler, then go to pacojet. Rehash the pacojet a few times.

Fixings to finish: Tomato powder, dry skin and mix. Broil cappers, dark olives powder, crisp basil, tomato seeds and wafers. At the base of the pot pour the tomato sauce, then the various fixings.

Ravioli loaded down with Parmigiano Reggiano

For crisp pasta: 200 gm semola 100 gm flour 10 yolk 1 egg Water saffron and join fixings and massage. Put under vacuum.

For creme brule: 200 gm yolk 400 gm cream 100 gm drain 120 gm parmigiano Whisk together and cook at 830 C for 10-12 minutes.

For sauce: 40 gm margarine 4 gm sage 10 gm additional virgin olive oil 100 gm asparagus 20 gm morel 20 gm green peas 20 gm diced tomato Prepare spread and sage sauce, include all fixings.

For balsamic caviar: 250 gm vegetables stock 250 gm balsamic 2 gm agar 500 gm vegetable oil Boil vegetable juices, then include agar and vinegar. Bubble for a moment. Put the syringe, pour frosty oil.

For sauce green peas: 200 gm green peas l 30 gm leek l 30 gm onion l 2 gm garlic 2 gm mint Salt and white pepper to taste Boil peas and put into water and ice. Cook remaining fixings and cool. Join together and put in the cooler. Blend in pacojet. Fixings to finish: Parmigiano reggiano ground and miniaturized scale green.

Piece: At the base of the pot, pour sauce of peas, then ravioli, finish with balsamic caviar, smaller scale greens and ground parmigiano.

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