Bloodhound car sets sights on 2017 for land speed record attempt

The British-based Bloodhound venture has secured new financing and is hoping to go supersonic next October.

The present Land Speed Record – 1277.98km/h (763.035mph), held by Andy Green and the Thrust SSC auto – has remained for a long time yet it looks as if it could soon change hands.

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car has been being developed for various years and was at first set to endeavor another record in 2016 however everything was as of late put on hold when the venture kept running into money related troubles.

In any case, the group has affirmed that new accomplices have been sourced and that everything is back on track, for an October 2017 endeavor in South Africa.

Venture Director Richard Noble said, “This is presumably the greatest crossroads in the Project’s history. Before we could just see monetarily a couple of months ahead however now we can put our foot down and truly take the plunge!”

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