Beyond Samosas and Vada: Try This Unique Crispy Snack from Telangana

South Indian snacks are scrumptious and you’ll concur that their particular tastes and flavors truly make them emerge. The food of Telangana has a considerable measure to offer. It utilizes a great deal of millets, regular greens, lentils, cumin, and ginger which makes it solid yet toothsome. Individuals in Telangana love to enjoy fiery sustenance and generally utilize fixings like tamarind, sesame seeds, chilies and asafetida to liven up their dinners. A standout amongst the most famous snacks from Telangana that got our favor was Sarvapindi. Sarvapindi is an Indian fresh hotcake which is appreciated as a night nibble or even as breakfast.

What is Sarvapindi?

Sarvapindi is made of rice flour and peanuts and is customarily cooked in copper utensils. As indicated by Chef Shashidhar Vijapure, Head Chef, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, “Sarvapindi is the most prominent nibble in Telangana. A few people call it Tapala Attu or Tapala Chekka which alludes to the rice flour mixture (pindi) and the vessel used to set it up (tapala). It is an appetizing flapjack with a firm top layer. It is set up with rice flour, peanuts, ginger, onions, curry leaves, stew powder and sesame seeds.”


Thinking back: History of Sarvapindi

Gourmet expert Vijapure lets us know, ” It is trusted that a woman named Anasurya in Bollepally town imagined this dish. Anasurya was longing for something other than what’s expected amid the stormy season which was light, sound and could be made with insignificant fixings as she just had rice flour and oil at home. This is likely how she explored different avenues regarding the fixings and made a crunchy flapjack and called it Sarvapindi. Afterward, she began offering this nibble in the town which wound up noticeably well known for its straightforward taste and flavor.”

Here’s a formula to make the best Sarvapindi at home

Formula by Chef Shashidhar Vijapure


Number of servings – 6
Preparation time – 60 minutes
Cooking time -10 minutes


Rice flour- 200 grams
Sesame seeds- 20 grams (Clean and pick dust particles)
Chana Dal- 50 grams (Wash and soak for 30 minutes)
Peanut-100 grams Toast and deskin
Cumin seeds- 5 grams
Curry leaves- few (Wash and shred)
Spring onion- 50 grams (Wash and chop)
Ginger- 10 grams (Peel, wash and finely chop)
Fresh coriander- 40 grams (Peel, Wash and finely chop including the onion bulb)
Peanut oil- 100 milliliter (Only for shallow frying)
Turmeric powder- 1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder- 1 teaspoon
Fresh green chilli 5-6 pieces
Salt to taste

Note – Rice flour should be freshly ground. It is suggested to use raw rice.

1. In a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients, vegetable, spices and herbs except the oil.
2. Add salt and mix well. Then, add water to make a soft playable dough. Do not knead for a long time and divide it into 6 portions.
3. On a thick bottomed pan put little oil, take one portion of the prepared dough and spread it gently on the pan using fingers. Make 5-6 small holes on the pancake using your fingers.
4. Keep the pan on low-medium flame. Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes on one side only.
5. Remove from the flame and serve hot.

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